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The Stupid Thread 2


Please be the onion. I refuse to believe someone is smart enough to get pregnant but still that stupid.


And you guys attack AOC for endorsing socialism - it seems that if you want to achieve economic prosperity juche communism is the way to go, at least per POTUS


Dictators with forced labor are great trade partners!


Celebrates dictators meanwhile lemmings are chanting USA during his SOTU speech.


I dunno man. She could just be playing 4D chess.


She’s got the face for it.


So, that New Green Deal sounds sweet…



Umm…what? How does she get out of bed every morning?


Yeah. We’re all going to become children of the sun. No nuclear, no fossil fuels, just clean green renewable energy. Except when it’s cloudy. Or dark.

And then we can take a crystal ship on a celestial flight!


Hot damn what a time to be alive




Bud light!

Whozat fancy bitch think she is? Next she’s gon’ be smoking Newports.

I ain’t buying her them.


Getting burned playing in the snow…


Hey they have an ingredient label now… and no corn syrup!


Well at least she’s being healthy about it, right?

Actually, an old buddy of mine used to get Stoneys for his wife because it was the only beer at the time with no added sugars.

I dunno. Haven’t had a beer in about 16 years.



What doesn’t kill her just makes her stronger.


She does hold her own pretty well here. Stupidity is not a disqualifier though. See Trump.


In the way that pitbulll and zep held their own on this board.