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The Stupid Thread 2


Nope not at all - I appreciate your perspective and your sharing it

Assuming there is a case in which they do or would, I’d say it depends on the person you’re using as your example. If we’re talking about me, it’d probably depend on the situation and why they’re conflicting - but, by-and-large, I’d like to think I’d err on the side of virtuous behavior, but again, that’s because I value my own integrity so it’d still be within my own self interest…so…

“We” (in the abstract sense) do a lot of different things for a lot of different reasons. I do not scam people for the above stated reasons.

I don’t know, why don’t you scam people? I only know my own motivations for maintaining integrity and virtue and only I know when I transgress. I can’t speak for you or pfury or anyone else as to what is your motivations for being a, more or less, virtuous person so you’ll have to illuminate us on that if you care to share…


I wouldn’t last in prison. That’s why I’m more of a fan of victimless crimes, or when there needs to be a victim, one that I can easily rationalize.

That being said, a future where I embezzle a bunch of money into an offshore account and trade billions for a small stint in rich white guy jail doesn’t really sound all that bad.


I’m in. Oceans 2.




Love it. I guarantee she can’t spell democratic socialist.

Not trying to be anti-patriotic but the USA chants are kind of dumb. Isn’t it mostly elected officials there? That’s campaign rally stuff. Maybe it happens at all of these things I can’t remember. I’m glad our representatives haven’t forgot what country they are in.


Just wondering how many don’t scam the elderly out of their money (for example) simply ou of a fear of being caught vs. viewing those folks as having some inherent value we must recognize.

I’m the latter.



All of the attacks on AOC (AOC? Is she the next MLK? JFK?) are only making her more popular, stronger and relevant. The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. The right may think they mock her but some will see it as fear.


Had to share. Another poll job, brought to you by the bestliest admin evar.


Why do you think it matters what the motivation to not scam people is if the outcome is desired and mutually beneficial?




It’s 13% of their operating income and almost 20% of their net income. That’s a big hit.

That’s as far as I dug.

I believe it said he forfeited much of his salary, all of his bonus, and millions in stocks.


Frankly, the best tactic for the right is to talk about how good looking she is. Play up the bimbo angle and she becomes a lightweight. Don’t talk about the stupid things she says. Talk about her tits. Then the stupid things she says are cute and irrelevant.


If someone refrains solely out of fear of being caught, what happens when they then meet a low risk situation? Or, when the reward grows in some way to be ‘worth’ the risk? At large, it seems to me to matter a great deal.


Depends on the someone and their risk aversion. Human nature is human nature and it seems you’re going to continue to shift the goal post…

Probably the take the risk lol … you know the answer to that

At large, the risks and detrimental results are mitigated by the other portion of the equation you’re ignoring.

Besides, your two straw men aren’t “at large” … they’re very granular and specific to the individual person who may or may not exercise some nefarious behavior

Look at the flip side, what if these morally ambiguous actors reach this enigmatic threshold and DON’T act? What then?


You don’t believe society would be very different based on ‘don’t want to be caught’ versus ‘that’s a horrible thing to do to someone?’

Shift goals? If the only deterrent is risk aversion it seems goals are constantly shifting with each new instance of risk vs reward evaluation.

Frankly, I am going to trust more the person who sees some inherent wrong in scamming people. I most certainly would rather the society I live in operate in such a manner as widespread as possible.

Ok, thank you.


That’s a false dichotomy. It’ll never be that black and white and to assume it will be or won’t be is ignoring reality. I’d assume the vast majority of people operate and make decisions with both/either of these things in mind in given situations. That’s not the world we live in and it’s not in human nature to be either/or as a whole and down to the individual.

Glad we’re being frank. I never said scamming people was right - as a matter of fact I’ve been pretty damn clear I think it’s abhorrent - I’m just not deluded enough to think you can wish it away.

The pleasure is mine, amigo.


To be clear, I didn’t think that. I’m sure you’re good people.


Thanks for clarifying … I try to be.


This is so amazing.

Was this years state of the union the best speech ever?


No it’s second. Last years speech is the best ever.

No it’s second. The inaugural speech that every American was in attendance at is the best ever.