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The Stupid Thread 2


I know she’s the embodiment of all things stupid, but we should take a week’s long break from posting anything about this vapid bimbo


Do you know how long it’s been since we had a hot Dem pol? We need this damnit


My fault. I forgot to tip her.


People need to take a political candidates integrity as seriously as they do their intellect. Our political leaders shouldn’t be entertaining, they should be smart, ethical leaders. Character matters.

Which is why the current POTUS and his diehard supporters aggravate me so much.


I don’t see how being selfish will help the mentally ill, dirt poor minorities, drug addicts, environmental protections, etc. But if you can make it math, good for you.


Elizabeth Warren was a law professor at the University of Texas when she filled out a form from the state bar that asked her to list her race. Her answer, printed in careful block letters: “American Indian.”

At this point she needs to take up the trans-racial cause. “Ok, yes, I was born a white female, but I always felt like I identified as a…”

Hey, if she could finish that sentence with “man,” there is no reason she shouldn’t be allowed to finish it with “American Indian.”


I’m sorry you don’t see how a proportion of people already help all of these people outside of the coercive arm of Government - through their own self interest.

I also think it’s funny you chose the phrase “dirt poor minorities” … as if to be worthy of help you have to be a minority if you’re dirt poor, rather than just the qualifier “dirt poor” … because fuck “dirt poor white folk” amiright?

People need to do what’s best for them - even if that means not taking a political candidate’s integrity (hahahahahahahahaha) seriously, nor should any one person assume they have a serious intellect … if they did they’d seek employment where they can affect real change, not through the legislation, but through actual human action instead of coercing others to act.

Your political leaders will be what the voters think they should be. That’s how voting works in case you’ve been living under a rock. You get what you pay for so the saying goes.

Trump. Pelosi. AOC. Lizzy Warren. I don’t think most voters agree with you character matters

Funny you see it as only POTUS and his diehard supporters and not most politicians and their sycophants…I’d imagine your beef would be with those who can’t/don’t think for themselves at any point along the political spectrum, but, here we are…


Aka Trump voters? Of course.



In other news, water is wet and fire will burn you.

Does the GOP ever get bored talking about the exact same Warren talking point? It’s not like she’s got a shot at securing the nomination


This is lost on so many people…


Doesn’t help free market economics isn’t taught and capitalism is demonized as some sort of zero-sum winner take all bullshit and Government is being propped up as some benevolent savior here to provide for us.


Dirt poor minorities aren’t looked upon as kindly in this country as dirt poor white folks. Races, religions, cultures tend to look out for each other and minorities have less successful benefactors than white folks (quantity and percentage). Plus the inherent cultural advantages of being white in our country, only sometimes balanced out by govt enforced affirmative action type programs.

I dont just see POTUS as the only bad one. But he is the most visibly awful, and the most powerful. Hence at the forefront and the first one I’d mention.

It’s tough to have a discussion when you are arguing against things I never said or implied. Its like you are projecting your worst liberal fantasies onto my posts and then responding in a really sarcastic disrespectful tone. I’m done engaging with you. plenty of other folks on here willing to argue and engage without the extra shit talking.


By whom?

Quantify it. Post your evidence. I’m not going to take your word for it.

White isn’t a culture. What are you talking about?

How does affirmative action balance it out?

yet he’s all you cite

by what measure is he awful? In what way?

Sorry having a conversation with me is tough. You can quote what I’ve said that you have an issue with or where you feel I’ve misrepresented you. I’m completely fine with that.

What I have an issue with is you saying I’ve misrepresented you without pointing out where I misinterpreted or incorrectly inferred what you said or were trying to say…this goes along the lines of you just saying things and I’m supposed to take your word for it. For all I know, it’s a tactic to deflect any legitimate points I may have made that you have no rebuttal for…and i have to assume that’s what it is until you actual point out where I misrepresented you and clarify what you meant or I can ask you what you meant so you can clarify. That’s how conversations tend to work…

EDIT: FTR I enjoy talking with you - in all seriousness I bust balls a bit but I think you’re a good poster willing to engage.


Heck, I’m not GoP and I can’t get enough of it. Besides it’s new info even the mainstream non-Fox press is picking up on.


Is there a particular reason why you, who is apparently not a republican, can’t get enough of it?

Her claiming to be NA is new? Wot?


Because it’s a hilarious example of needless self destruction. And it’s a turd in the punch bowl for certain politically active identity groups. Which I allude to with:
At this point she needs to take up the trans-racial cause. “Ok, yes, I was born a white female, but I always felt like I identified as a…”

Hey, if she could finish that sentence with “man,” there is no reason she shouldn’t be allowed to finish it with 'American Indian.'

No, the specific info being reported is.


Ah. Gotcha. So zero new information, just a new piece of paper.

Have a good one. Keep chuckling!


There are no boundaries to the Left’s insanity.


So Defensive…


No, that is new information.

Trust me, I will.