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The Stupid Thread 2


Worth imo.


Ze brainwashing. It is working on this one. Give him a few more years and he’ll be buying gold, bullets and nonperishable food.


Which one?

Government coercion?
Panera’s failed restaurant?


Jokes on you. I’m a Costco cult guy. Half my basement is already nonperishables!

This one, but more specifically, the federal government overriding states rights


Don’t forget the piles upon piles of poor white boys we sent to die… none of whom owned slaves. Damn racist country.

Also government coercion wrote slavery into law in the first place, and allowed escaped slaves to be recaptured in “free” states.

Not to mention government coercion was used in Jim Crow, segregation etc…


I can’t speak for every restaurant/business who has tried this model, but this seems to be the fate of a lot of them…interesting what happens when you ignore silly things like, at the very least, charging break-even prices

So he’ll be me in the future?


I think you mean the piles upon piles of people the south killed so they could keep owning human beings lol.

That is correct, the govt made an already existing free market practice legal by way of allowing it AND by writing it into law

Kinda still better than the owning people thing


The federal government.


Which is a good argument for why the govt has to force taxes on the populace instead of allowing them to take care of each other on their own.


Keep telling yourself you need to be oppressed. Just one more chain will set you free.


Whoa, whoa, whoa…“force taxes on the populace?” I think not, brohan. Social Contract. Anything the Government* does has already been consented to because that.

*(I should note that doesn’t necessarily apply to other countries. Sometimes, the U.S. has to use its social contractedness to determine that other countries have invalid social contracts and need fixing)


I don’t need to be. But I’m willing to bite that bullet to ensure the selfish pricks around me do “the right thing”.

Call it forced altruism haha.

I just wish the govt would be more effecient and effective with the programs our tax money supports. But I work with govt officials daily, so I know how that goes haha.


So the story was “socialist restaraunt fails” and your response is “this is why we need taxes”. I cannot begin to empathize with your mindset.

There is nothing altruistic about spending other people’s money that was taken at gunpoint. Especially when a big chunk of that money is taken from unborn future generations with deficit spending and printing money.

I know you’re being toung in cheek, but damn.


Actually I was responding to what someone said about that story. I think pay-what-u-want businesses are either stupid, or prey on guilt and social shame to make money.

I think true altruism is too rare to be relied upon. It all boils down to me believing people are basically selfish AF need an outside influence to be “good”.


I agree, people are selfish

Will this ‘outside influence’ be people? If so, see above.


Yup, we just gotta do our best to put the few good folks in those power roles.



Considering they seemingly do not make money, I’ll bet on the “they’re stupid”

You should really have just said “non-existent”

This is your issue - you think being selfish is “bad”, per se … what does my motivation matter if the result is serving my fellow man? That’s what free market is - I’m selfishly pursuing my own ends which help my community…Everyone is motivated by their own self interests … you think the Government employees you work with are not selfish? You’re fooling yourself…

Good according to who? What’s your definition of good? It seems to me that you think it’s to force people to give up a portion of their paycheck in order for someone else to spend it “for the greater good” … am I wrong?


Exactly. People suck so let’s give a select few, who are generally the worst of us, the power to force us not to suck. Does not compute.


She’s like the image of like stoicism