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The Stupid Thread 2


Another Bernie, wonderful.


I feel like she is the left’s Trump. Trump had no real knowledge of the workings of government and arguably still does not. He was quick with a tweet and insult like she can be to political opponents.

We have 70% tax rate and we have “I’ll default on the debt.”

Maybe that’s what we want now? We don’t want good ideas or people who can compromise. We want those who will support the party no matter what. Don’t talk to the other team. Just tweet hardcore at someone who disagrees. We like watching the show apparently. We report on the show. Hell I’m guilty of it.


So now her (AOC) Pic is being attatched to articles that have nothing to do with her.


Nah. It could be a lot worse.

Or a lot more entertaining.


It would be much better to have good ideas and no compromise. I don’t understand the desire for compromise.


It goes back to a phase that has been quoted many different ways, @NickViar:

One man’s meat is another man’s poison

One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor

One’s man’s pleasure is another’s pain

A thing which is a sin to one is a blessing to another

One man’s loss is another man’s profit

And in this case…one man’s “good” idea is another ones bad idea…

We are diverse people, in a very diverse Country, with a Representative Form of Government.

Compromise…the idea that I’ll give up this if I can get that…is the way it was meant to get… done…


In a perfect world where decision making is free from emotion, party affiliation, etc… Agreed.

In the world we actually live in, you have to be willing to compromise even if a good idea loses some of it’s value in the process, imo.


Agree with @usmccds423

Just to add…something can also seem like a “good” idea on the surface…then as one digs deeper it is wrought with a lot of problems.

That person with an opposing view may have a compromise plan that in fact can make that very flawed “good” idea palatable.


It’s the key to getting things done in a two party system. I’m not one of those “everything is better off when nothing is happening” people.

Without compromise (at least the way our system is setup right now) a good idea and a bad idea are the same thing. Neither are coming into place.


A cynic would argue the system was designed to make it very, very hard to get things done. The separation of powers and the complicated ways legislation has to get passed or to amend the constitution make it seem like gridlock and status quo isn’t a bug. It’s a feature.

Which compromises are we seeing on the table in 2019 that actually help voters?

1.1T in new debt per year vs .85T?

Enforcing immigration law a bit vs not at all?

Mostly regulated govt distorted healthcare markets vs full government takeover?

Taxpayers underwriting stupid college loans and driving up the cost of higher ed exponentially and saddling young people with crippling debt vs saddling the taxpayers solely with that debt and still keep higher ed overpriced?




It was designed to prevent Dictatorial Edicts and total Mob Rule.

It’s messy…it’s complicated…it’s often frustrating…but the Founders didn’t want a Government of Kings and Dictators…(sorry, Trump…)


The founders also didn’t put the majority of these levers in place. Pols did that down the line.

The system was designed to work much better, but has since been modified to gridlock more easily.


That’s why, even when the country was much smaller(in both physical size and population) and less diverse, so much power was given to the states. The Federal Government wasn’t intended to micromanage every facet of life.

I am. Not just better off, but best.

That, it was. The Federal Government was not intended to have anywhere near the power it does. Things were meant to happen at the State and local levels. Now, the Federal Government strikes down local rules as unconstitutional while ignoring the Constitution itself. Ass-backwards.


Agreed. Imo it’s a natural biproduct of industrialization.

There’s also probably a genie going back into the bottle metaphor somewhere in there


Go figure.


It’s almost like socialism requires govt coersion or something…



They should have used a sliding scale as the difference increased.

Blue cheese and peppered roast beef on a panini:suggested donation $1.3million.


Apparently people aren’t* as altruistic with their own money as they are with others.

Edit: *


But…it did end slavery.