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The Stupid Thread 2


I saw AOC recognized her privileged for being born cis-gendered. :facepalm::gun:


Yeah, because being easy on the eyes didn’t play a part in her privilege.


She identifies as an uggo.


Apparently the GOP felt left out and decided they needed an AOC too…

When do we start correctly dismantling her more insane social ideas instead of feeding her free shots and good PR?


Dan Crenshaw is nothing like AOC.


Might wanna let his tweet editor know. He’s not off to a great start


One dumb tweet =/= AOC lunacy.


That article was cringy af


For Christ sake, she’s tweeting in defense of a rapper who’s name is apparently “21 Savage”.


Knows rap lyrics… doesn’t know the branches of government.

Look on the bright side: she can’t write any laws if she can’t figure out which end of the pen makes words.


We are in the age of pure idiocy. She’s an idiot and gets attention. Trumps an idiot and is the President.

We deserve this government and these leaders because apparently we are idiots as well.


Isn’t she adorable?


There’s a lot of insight about AOC in this sentence…


Compelling point. I’ll volunteer to aid her re-election campaign.


You ever see any of those BUDS documentaries where the instructors zero in on the weak ones then just grind them till they ring the bell and leave?

I want to see him do that to her.


I wouldn’t mind that either.

Hopefully moving forward he goes with that approach. Instead of not understanding how taxes work on Twitter.

People just keep feeding AOC free public points. Shits stoopid


As poorly composed as it was, I’d glean that it was about points rather than a misunderstanding of taxes.

Like Patriots score 10 points, the other team gets 7.

But I’m not really looking to hang anybody over a tweet either. Thats what outrage journalists are for.


Lol that DEFINITELY isn’t how I interpreted it. Funny to think about though

Oh me either. I just want him to properly shut down a pol with stupid ideas. Instead of feeding her free PR points for her next election


That’s what Congress is for … Twitter is for flirty tweets to the hawt new freshPERSON CongressPERSON yo

I’m pretty sure she has that district on lock man … aside from her suddenly becoming a Koch brothers shill, I don’t really see her losing that seat anytime soon


I don’t know if that would be possible with her. Her patrons aren’t analytical at all. They are just pure emotion, and true believers of tha feels. If they were in any way pragmatic or analytical she would have never been elected.