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The Stupid Thread 2


Who’s tadpoles get aborted the most?


What a nerdy apology. Why can’t someone just nut up and say, “It’s a damn costume. It was over 30 years ago. Don’t vote for me if you don’t like it.” If I’d liked the guy to begin with, his apology would’ve put a stop to that.


Most crimes have statutes of limitations. Generation outrage doesn’t believe in statues.


That’s actually the only scenario where I believe abortions are justified. However, it’s extremely rare.


Who believes this was accidental? Everything is a lie.


But, if an unborn infant is a human being and has personhood then how do you kill it without it being murder?




I do, because Rush Limbaugh is bad. I’m also not afraid to stand up and take brave stances like “Racism is bad,” and “The Ku Klux Klan is bad”. I know such outrageous and unpopular positions may endanger my political career, but so be it.

Edit: While I’m risking my political career, I may as well say that rape is bad, and it would be nice if someone found a cure for cancer.


It couldn’t be. Similar mistakes have never been made before. Besides, we live in a world where nothing random can happen. There is always some invisible hand behind everything.


I think you are referring to something different from what cwill was referring to.


The MSM is both incompetent AND intentionally ‘subtly’ steering the population off a cliff.


Fortunately, ISIS scum are borderline retarded.


Mainly b/c he’s in politics and that’s not really how today’s political culture works. Also, this came out after he was voted in - a referendum might be in order given the outrage…

Because the law defines it differently. One is able, as you know, to disagree with how the law defines something, or even with the law as it’s written. Jury nullification is a thing for a reason…

The MSM is made up of a lot of individuals who have their own motives and competency levels - not to mention various organizations with their own (seemingly) biased opinions and perceptions…so, yet, as a whole, the MSM can be both of the those things with the outcome your project…


He actually should’ve just said, with tears in his eyes, “I remember that costume party. We were trying to see who could look the most like a Republican. I wore my Ku Klux Klan costume while my friend wore blackface so that I would have a target.” All would’ve been forgiven by his constituency(I.e., Carpetbaggers and minorities in the biggest cities and suburbs of Virginia.)


Northam is now saying that it’s not him in the photo…and he now refuses to resign…

(So…the plot thickens…!)



The same way it’s morally and legally right to kill someone who is attempting to take your life.


Abortion as self defense? A problem is: is the actual baby the threat or is it the act of childbirth?


Going with the Shaggy defense. “It wasn’t me.”


I’m actually enjoying it more this way. “Wait I just realized that wasn’t me. I mixed it up with that other thing I absolutely did.”

Fukin wot