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The Stupid Thread 2


That’s a different argument.


No, it’s not. Just like taking a family member off life support is not murder.

Third trimester abortions are murder? What if the mother’s life is in danger? She has to choose death, or would it actually be suicide?


90% of babies are viable at 26 weeks. The third trimester starts at 28 weeks. How is an abortion a better option to save a woman who’s life is in danger over a C-section?

Taking a family member off life support =/= killing a viable human being.


I see your science and raise you a “Women vote, and babies don’t.”


We aren’t talking about a viable infant. That’s what people are having trouble understanding.

I’m not arguing for or against abortion. I’m just presenting the facts that a hack like Shapiro deliberately leaves out of his story. Third trimester abortions are already legal, in spite of what the Republicans clutching their bibles are saying. An infant cannot be killed. They just want the outrage.


FWIW, short of being on public assistance already, having a child that early will easily run you half a million dollars minimum just to see the first birthday. That early also means a much much higher chance of both physical and mental defects growing up.

Absolutely not saying this negates your argument, but people rarely comprehend what they’re talking about with a 26+ week old baby.

Source: Had 2 premature kids and have gone to the NICU reunion 7 years running.


Happy Birthday asshole.


That’s rough, man. I’m glad you are yours made it through that.


Also, if the Stupid thread devolves into another abortion train wreck, it would actually be the apotheosis of this thread.


Which is why I’m trying to avoid arguing about the morality and/or legality of abortion and just pointing out the disingenuous of Shapiro and the Republicans.


That’s fine. I wouldn’t do it by defending the Virginia DNC though. Just my $0.02.


Yeah, they were so embarrassed they tabled the bill. While the governor won’t walk it back.


Tabled the bill in American or British English?


"Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam confirmed Friday he was in a racist yearbook photo showing one person dressed in blackface and another in the KKK’s signature white hood and robes, and apologized for "the decision I made to appear as I did in this photo and for the hurt that decision caused then and now."

The photograph, which was obtained by CNN, appears in the 1984 yearbook for Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook. Northam did not say if he was wearing the KKK outfit or blackface."



It had to come to this before someone broke out that picture.

You know somebody was sitting on that thing just waiting for the right moment.




Now the Republicans are confused. How can you be racist and prochoice at the same time?


That’s easy, who’s babies get aborted the most?


Babies don’t get aborted.


Lol, right…