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The Stupid Thread 2


Agreed she was silly. Wish the GOP would focus on the things that matter. They keep doing this nit picky bullshit.

She wants 70% fuckin taxes. Just bring up only that until she goes away. Why is it so difficult to put someone with such terrible ideas down


breitbart is the GOP??

She’s like Trump to liberal media, she sells and gets clicks. I think she’s actually really boring as are the conversations surrounding her. She’s a young idiot with shitty policies that won’t work…keep her talking, absolutely but imo she doesn’t deserve the press she gets from either side…


As much as huffpost is liberal, yeah.

(With better ratings I’d guess)

This is my worry. Fast forward to today and millions of people are numb to the shit Trump does that matters, because the media spent 2 years making a mountain out of every mole hill


You said GOP, not conservative … overlap but not the same thing…just like liberal doesn’t necessarily mean Democrat

I really meant in a sells magazines/gets clicks thing but we share the same worry


I’ve seen numerous instances where she’s been criticized for her stance on taxes. You just won’t find them on CNN, MSNBC, etc. I’m quite sure she’s not going to volunteer to give the IRS 70% of her salary. She’s just another hypocritical politician in a long line of the same.


I just watched CNN rip her open in a clip the other day



A1 100% correct. The AOC phenomenon (funny how she got a 3 letter twitter handle so easily) will wither and die without attention.

She’s an attractive junior congresswoman with bad ideas and a decent social media game, not the end times cometh.


The handle is worth 500 grand. Tell me someone wasn’t putting their finger on the scale.

EDIT: Not sure the handle is being valued there, or the account. But low letter accounts are worth a pretty penny, apparently.


Also…Anderson Cooper challenged her on many of her “initiatives” on “60-minutes”.


In these people’s defenses, it’s hard to know what CNN is talking about when all you know is what the right says they’re talking about.


Correct, she’s attractive with dumb clueless ideas. Makes an excellent heel for Fox to fire up the viewers.

Although I gotta say she gets bonus points in my book for quoting Rorschach


You gotta get on the old Shadow pulps, my dude.

Rorschach is actually a very ironic character. Moore wrote the character to demonise right wing vigilantism, and he ended up as, by far, the most popular character in the series.

LOOK AT THAT OUTPUT! That’s insanity.


Just waiting for the news article on this

“Socialist Cortez quotes alleged right-wing nationalist and Nazi sympathizer”


The Watchmen are the only superhero graphic novel I can stomach. I’m a loyal adherent to the Franco-Belgian school of graphic novels.




And you’re not wrong to do so.



Make no mistake, this is just the beginning. They want, so very badly, to disarm America.



Luckily, I convinced my wife to let me get an AR15 when it looked like HRC was gonna be POTUS. I bet Trump will sign it into law if it passes.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but the best argument against reactionary gun control is that the bad guys will still have guns. So, actually, disarming all of America would be the impossible outcome that would eliminate gun violence and satisfy both sides.

Or are you all about having a small arms armory to fight back against the government?


I am all about law abiding citizens having the freedom to choose whether or not they do or don’t own a “small arms factory”.