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The Stupid Thread 2


It’s because she’s the future of the party. C’mon, we all saw how well Bernie was able to do. Now she’s this media darling. Self-avowed socialists are now the rock stars of the Democrat Party.


She’s a female politician that’s young and doable. That’s a rarity, to say the least.

If you consider that politics is basically acting for ugly people you can understand her appeal, regardless of what insane drivel is coming out of her mouth. People would rather watch her talk dumb things that watch Pelosi’s corpse face or skinfolds of old white men.

Here’s an example- in 2015 French elections, Marion Marechal obtained the highest-ever vote for the extreme-right Front National in any constituency in France, just because she was hot. No one cared about anything she uttered.

Hell, even my president became an internet celebrity because she’s bangable (for those that like MILFs I guess) despite the fact that politics-wise she could saddle up and join the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


And what…Trump is the future of the Republican Party?

Then they both are Dead…(to me, at least…)


I think we can join hands to bash this anthropomorphic whale.


I think it has much more to do with the fact she is good looking, very young yet politically skilled, has some pretty extreme political views, and managed to pull off a pretty darn big upset in her district. Its a cool story of a motivated young person getting involved in the political system to try and change it to her liking. You gotta remember the demographic of the district she won… She would only do well in a small handful of districts around this country.

I can’t fault her for leveraging the media coverage she has received. She would be dumb not to.


I don’t think her views are that extreme, they are certainly nothing new, and we’ll see how her political skills really are once she tries to create legislation. I think she’s a lot of talk but lacks any plan. I think she also uses the word socialist because she likes how it sounds as she isn’t a socialist and really doesn’t believe in socialism.




Also, it looks like the barrel is aimed directly in front of his foot…


No question.


I think they are silly and not serious. I concur that she probably isn’t a student of Das Kapital.

I have one of those as a prospective candidate in my country, and she isn’t him, not by a long stretch.


And the hammer back with brass still in the air…full-auto/machine revolver, maybe? Assault revolver? All that smoke? Machine assault black powder revolver?


Ooooh I just Looooooved that movie … it had Kevin Bacon in it riiiiight??

Wife and I went to Ireland/N Ireland 2 years ago - one of our stops was Dublin.

We took one of those fancy free walking tours of the city which was curated by a self professed and verbose Communist. And boy did he remind us every chance he got just how dumb he actually was…


Dublin is a silly place. You go out into the country to meet actual Irish people. Dublin folk remind me of city folk in every city I have been in, which is to say, mostly progressive and “citizens of everywhere.”


Pretty accurate. It was a fun city for the most part but that guy was off-putting but memorable. We worked for tips. We did not tip. He’s a commie and it didn’t look like he needed it, regardless of my means :wink:

This was our experience, as well. We did the Ring of Kerry and spent some time in Belfast and the Antrim coast near Bushmills.


Speaking of her…

So, who all exactly is losing it over this dance video? The only media I keep hearing about this video from is the media writing about right wing media/masses harping on it…

Holy smokes they’re defensive over her. Interesting how silent they can be over some of the Melania criticisms out there though.

From the NYT;

"And Lawrence Lessig, a professor at Harvard Law School, had been using Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s video among other “Lisztomania” and “Breakfast Club” mash-ups to illustrate the concept of fair use in his lectures, he said in an email on Friday.

“That may explain why she seemed so familiar to me when she appeared on the national stage,” he wrote, adding, “Obviously, her coolness long predates her political brilliance.”

Alluding to the culture of reckoning that followed the “Me Too” era and the double standards that affect women and men in the public sphere, the comedian and actor Kumail Nanjiani tweeted:"

“Man sexually assaults women in high school: ‘That was so long ago!’ Woman dances in high school: ‘We must set her ablaze.’”

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez addressed the issue herself on Friday, as she often does, on Twitter, writing: “I hear the GOP thinks women dancing are scandalous. Wait till they find out Congresswomen dance too!”

Uh, what? Where are the all the anti-dance video quotes from representatives of GoP/conservative thought, politics, and media?


You don’t think it’s stupid to point out handrawn props in a cartoon are not accurate to reality? Damn, you must be fun to watch Looney tunes with lol.

I have a coworker, Clemson alum, who bought a championship game ticket at halftime of the playoff game and paid a pretty penny. Yesterday he bought his GF a ticket in the same section for about 10% the cost of his ticket haha.


It’s blatant astro-turfing for the most part. Don’t get sucked into it.


Oldie but a goodie.


When it’s a political cartoon? No.


Do as I say…