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The Stupid Thread 2


That is like the saddest and most desperate thing in the world. Everybody going about their business except That guy. Desperately whacking away, just hoping for a little eye contact.

Like those dogs on TV with the sad music, only Iranian, gay, and pounding it in public.


I guess we found a new past time for our less endowed members of society. Wonder if they have Trump’s hand problem


I mean I could see it if they got fired by Tesla or the 4k LB battery burned down their house when it malfunctioned. But just screwing with people that bought overpriced, low range status symbols. Odd.

It’s like when people park really close to the driver’s door of a Maserati or something so the driver can’t get in.


There was a follow-up I saw where a guy used his Tesla SUV to tow a Chevy pickup with it’s emergency break on. Shits pretty hilarious.

I think it’s mostly being envious of people who can afford a Tesla (gasp, 45k vehicle).

And the small hands thing, ofc


I figured it out. These guys all bought Tesla at $375. No wonder they’re pissed.


These people are so gay.


Yes. Super gay. I watch some Fine Brothers react videos on YouTube … they did one where college kids reacted to some of these Seinfeld episodes … dinner thought they were funny some didn’t … some of these kids were also gay (not in the sexual orientation sense … nttawwt)


I always thought that Seinfeld was funny, but only made for TV funny. Not the stuff with some real teeth like Anthony Jezelnik. That dude goes straight to the marrow.


Wha, this offends me, wha.


Never heard of Jeselnik. I’ll have to check his material out.


Thanks for pointing this out. I didn’t watch Seinfeld, but based on these clips I’d say it has some pretty funny content.


He used to have a show on Comedy Central - it was pretty tame compared to his stand up stuff … he’s very … irreverent


*I’m guessing photoshop, but still if it’s real…


Extremely dark comedy. I happen to love it but I know it’s not for everyone. Kinda like my favorite Norm MacDonald.


He should have had his tattoo artist use spell check.


Don’t even know where to start with this.


She’s blurring the line between “Liberal Firebrand!” and leftist moron in ways that have even Bern face-palming.



I would start by ignoring her…

(Geez…Benie? Pelosi probably face-palms every time she opens her mouth…)


Or thanks her for making her look like a centrist. Which she is, in comparative terms.


I fuckin’ try man. By all means, she’s rather insignificant in reality but omg she’s peppered everywhere … low hanging fruit is my guess