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The Stupid Thread 2


Ya, that’s pretty silly. A lot of military awards are pretty silly.


It is the action that is stupid and not the thread. May be we need to pray for the victim to recover.


TBF (and I know this is 3 days late) BUT there’s is some terrible advice out there telling young men to be persistent. And some anecdotes of success stories of how man was persistent even after girl told him to get lost and ended up marrying her.

In my experience, if a girl tells you to get lost and you pursue, you’re now in negative chance territory…high school was a confusing time for young polo


now i’ve heard it all


I’ll take a liar who gets caught lying over a news source whose news is lies but makes some people feel good about their beliefs.


We also don’t know what he exactly wrote in that letter.

And speaking of mixed signals: we tell women to follow their instincts and take action if a guy makes them feel unsafe while we are also telling them to ignore those feelings and assume every guy is harmless. Of course men can’t relate because few men would admit they felt physically intimidated by another man.


probably the lyrics to “You Can’t Quit Me Baby” by Queens of the Stone Age

Whoever espouses this is doing more harm than good - I’m not saying all guys are predators or creeps, shit, most aren’t but to assume every guy is harmless as advice is irresponsible … I don’t know who gives this advice but it’s not anything I’ve heard…

that’s b/c we’re all alpha af … clearly


My dad gave this advice when I was in High School.

Background, dad played varsity football for 4 years in HS (small school) and was one of the ‘popular kids’

I was 6foot1 125 lbs senior year of HS, poor kid in a rich suburb. Played a lot of Vidya games.

Some advice is just fucking bad


Maybe we should all take Tom ford’s advice.



Oh, That’s just precious. That’s like a whole new kind of being too far up ones own ass.


Do you think Tom Ford was just trying to pick up dudes with this concept?

“Want to understand women better and connect with them on a deeper level? Let me f#$& you in the ass.”


America’s prisons are breeding grounds for men who understand women.


In Iran cops in provincial villages are known to pick up “very handsome men” for “examination” in order to establish whether they’re gay.

The “examination” consists of visually inspecting the suspect’s anus for signs of intercourse and very frequently further “inspection” of the anus is necessary by inserting one’s penis. Repeatedly.

Tough job, being a small town cop there.


So you’re saying Iran is the West Virginia of the middle east?


Well, most Muslim countries are - it’s the absence of women in public life that creates such dynamic. Although Iran is miles ahead of Arab countries, for example a few years ago they allowed female servers in restaurants.

I avoided public restrooms as much as possible, because there would always be at least one guy masturbating and looking for eye contact. Usually it would be much worse, dudes propositioning you or trying to grab your junk.

Gyms can be creepy as fuck as well. Weightlifting is massive Iran and there are many powerlifting/olympic gyms. In one working class gym I attended everybody was on gear - and I mean everybody. I was 250 pounds at the time and one of the smallest guys training there, with most being around 300 or more. Interestingly, most of them never heard of the concept called “cycle” nor doing bloodwork.

Each of these big guys had his “fans” - several crawny 150 pound dudes who were basically a creepy entourage, watching their “idol” during every training session, snapping pictures and massaging his arms of shoulder whenever he was so inclined.

I was “helpfully” informed that further “services” were voluntarily provided by the “fans” in the changing rooms prompting me to start changing clothes in a literal broom closet.


You sure this wasn’t your stint in the Greek Navy? That’s a bit odd.


Nope. Interestingly, the Islamic law in Iran distinguishes between a pitcher and a catcher (99 lashes for the former, death penalty for the latter) but it’s very widespread. I talked to some gay men in Iran and it seems they have a vibrant underground scene, the biggest problem being sexual harassment and/or rape from police/government officials.

The Safavids (the Islamic dynasty which ruled Iran until the 17th century) were extremely into man-on-man action. Safavid rules paid massive amounts for blue-eyed and blonde male slaves from Russia for their harems (dudes only), developed an entire poetry genre - songs praising the beauty and sexuality of male servants and even more strikingly for Islamic art produced massive quantities of miniatures depicting two dudes in anal action (I’m not going to post them here, despite it being art, but it’s on google).



This feels like NYSC in Brooklyn.