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The Stupid Thread 2


Holy shit, fucking wow.


Millennial “journalism”.


Damn, I’d be a single virgin with a criminal history. Haven’t met a girl taller than me.


Those damn millennials.


I take “physical size” to mean something closer to “volume” than purely height. You could most likely compensate for being taller by asking out a girl with greater width and/or depth than you.


What’s wrong with the journalism here? They reported a story where they had details on the lawsuit and quoted the Title IX officer of the school.

I don’t see any hearsay or conjecture. It is a bit editorializing when they say things like “of course it was Mizzou”.

These rules are crazy town and arbitrary. I hope John Doe gets punitive damages.


Or ‘but now that college campuses have completely gone off the deep end’


How is a man asking out a woman grounds for suspension because he’s tall? That is off the deep end.


It’s not. Making it plural is where the millennial journalism comes into play on that one.

Unless that guy is a clone or something. Stranger things


Pulease. It’s dripping with the author’s probable right wing perspective. It’s not that big of a deal. Way more drip liberal


Or the part where she told him to stop making romantic advances and he responded by writing her a letter in which he tells her how he feels about her.

It’s right wing outrage culture.


I never read the books or saw the movies so I don’t know why this is funny.


She told him to stop and he didn’t.


The rule is you break off all contact with refused suitors, not lead them on.

His letter was apologetic per the article, not continued advances.

In any case he has no power over her because he’s larger unless it’s a physical rape scenario. He never threatened her, at least as far as what’s presented.

Who’s outraged? This is plain old bull shit. Most liberals I know aren’t 3rd wave feminist weirdos and they think this stuff is dumb too.


It’s funny fir a few reasons, but mainly because Brian Williams, a “respected journalist” was caught lying about events he was supposedly involved in in Iraq.


Sadly when you’re the President and lie all the time nothing happens. Shouldn’t Lester Holt be in charge now?


His letter also expressed his sincere feelings for her. And I believe this was after she avoided him for a week.

How many rapes start with the rapist threatening rape?

The daily wire is where the right wing gets its dose of outrage.


Lying and betraying bias are not the same types of journalism.


So liberal bureaucrats are trying to seize control of how people relate sexually.

I thought that was religions job.


Okay… I’ll take bias journalism over a dude that lies about taking fire in combat every time.


In the mean time, drone pilots are now eligible for combat air medals the DOD invented. Not that they shouldn’t get recognized… but maybe don’t have “combat” and “valor” versions.

My cousin is a KC-130 crew chief and gets shot at nearly every sortie in the ME. They aren’t fans of the new medals.

’ with the “valor” or “V” device being reserved for “unambiguous and distinctive recognition for preeminent acts of combat valor.” ’