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The Stupid Thread 2


Whoa. Trigger alert.

You dare presume he identifies as a human? He could very well identify as a diet, making him an entity, not a being.

Check your privilege.


Roger Stone selling stones with his name on it. Please jail anyone who buys these immediately as they are not safe to be around



Someone started a GoFundMe to build the wall, which is hilarious for like 50 reasons. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Holy shit it’s at $7M



Imagine that. 7 million dollars worth of people that genuinely believe a massive wall is going to solve a woe, yet don’t have faith that Trump can secure the funding.

Kinda terrifying.


Mexico will pay for it. Any day now.


Haven’t you heard? Mexico will be paying for the wall via increased expenditures with American businesses which will be taxed and those taxes will pay for it.

So, much in the way all of the Looney lefties screamed about while the right was ignoring math, Mexico is basically already paying for it


Oh no, it’s mainstream media worthy now. Sometimes the slopes really are slippery.


You are clearly one of those backwards Republicans who thinks little boys dancing for cash in front of grown men is wrong. That makes you a bigot.

Holy fuck this country is messed up. He/she should be playing fortnight and studying for tests. Not titalating grown assed men.


Rights “like being able to not be made fun of or being able to not be stared at.” I’m glad he already has an American understanding of rights.

Sickening that Mom brought him up that way. It’s obvious he was encouraged(maybe even “forced,” at a younger age) to be what he has become because Mom had some weird desire to have a child be that.


Here’s another thing that pisses me off - athletes who’ve transitioned from male to female and now compete with biological women.

My daughter plays team handball in middle school, and she’s very good at it. I know you guys have no clue what team handball is but I can assure it can be a rough, contact sport that requires high levels of athleticism.

Conceivably, in a few years’ time my daughter could very well be playing against a 6’3’’ trans female weighing over 230 who as a man used to play Aussie rules football.

I’m sure there wouldn’t be any biological advantages in physical contact situations especially since the heaviest biological female handball players are around 155.


Isn’t a biological woman a female? And vice versa? Perhaps the mistake is in buying into the idea that these males actually transitioned into females? Maybe the unpopular truth is that they’re now simply mutilated males.


You’re looking at it the wrong way. Look at the bright side, that’s one less teenage boy trying to sleep with your daughter. :wink:


This idea immediately fails the Brock Lesnar/Shaq test. Would it be fair if someone with a similar physique to one of these two decided to transition?

I think the progressive crowd is taking one big giant dump on all the hard work and sacrifices of female athletes.


That there is one big fancy douchebag.


Oh no no. She’s the victim.

The sports governing body in Australia didn’t let her beat up girls in Australian football so she had to settle for beating up girls in handball which is admittedly less violent.

And now she’s Australian best handball player which is extremely surprising. Australia sucks at handball, but only if you use a binary gender system. This is her on the right before transition, being stopped cold by a 270 lb 6’5’’ Hungarian. Obviously she thought her attacking game would dramatically improve if instead of a large dude there was a 160 pound woman guarding her.



I can’t even watch. Not with the presenter doing that pouty thing like that.

Even her body language says “here’s a sad sad story about a big fancy douchebag.”.

Looks like it’s about to spew out a spleen against that big Hungarian.


Would you rather duke it out with a sweaty Hungarian dude or body check one of these fellow women?



You don’t even need to transition. Just claiming you are a female is enough for males to compete against females.


Definitely the latter. Nothing says sledge swinging mill monkey like the surname Magyar.