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The Stupid Thread 2


I have no idea who she’s referring to that hailed Ryan a genious.


Add points for the accent and you might not have to wait till the end of the shift, because people from somewhere else know stuff about places that are better!


coincidentally, neither does she…


Lol, PETA, wow…



Bring home the bagels? That’s anti-ketoism.


We live in the dumbest fucking timeline.


Yes, only Republican’s do this :roll_eyes:


Their gatherings must be more fun than a puppy kicking contest.


I always thought this WAS the pinnacle of fun … it’s not?


It was. Until those “animals are people too!” people came around.


So, you’re saying an “animals are people too” contest replaced a puppy kicking contest as the pinnacle of fun? I’ll have to give it a go


It might be. I haven’t kicked any of them yet. I imagine all of the swearing and whatnot would add to the excitement though!


I have to defer to the legal experts on this forum, but how is the Texas judge wrong? If there is no longer an O-Care tax which, as I understand it, was the plank that saved it, then how is what is left constitutional?

Perhaps someone can lend a more useful opinion? I’m too distracted with Brexit right now.


Had a double post for those wondering. Not sure as to the reason why.


Roger Stone has to apologize for lying on infowars. The same site that says Obama created Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook was a false flag just like the Boston marathon bombing. You’re lying on a site where everything is lies…apologize!



Way to go Daily Beast and the Today Show for embracing this mess. Way to go.


Earning big bills at 11. Dudes a genius


That is so utterly disappointing that I actually feel like less of a person for being part of a humanity that includes this.

It really is farcical that this would be interpreted as anything other than sex abuse.




“If he were a girl?” I don’t believe the story mentioned how the kid(sorry, “being”) identifies, so it’s entirely possible that “he” IS a girl. He may even identify as an adult.