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The Stupid Thread 2


Sarah Jessica Parker was too much?


“But that hasn’t deterred the congresswoman-elect from her promise to represent the underrepresented in Congress and make real change happen.”

This is why she’ll fail. She’s not elected to “represent the underrepresented” she’s elected to represent New York District 14’s constituents which, since she is representing them, would seem to be an oxymoron to call them underrepresented…

She has no notion of exactly what she should be doing, instead is using her platform for activist purposes. That’s all fine and good if that’s what her constituents elected her to do but it’s not her job to represent anyone other than her constituents in NY District 14…

I agree with this - that shit is irrelevant and takes away most of their legitimate criticism of her … it’s petty bullshit.


Is it surprising, we’re talking about this person


They can always contribute to her webcam shows…that’s more or less a gofundme as well…


Not in the slightest … She’s in over her head and is realllllly lucky she’s marketable and people find her attractive. Her handlers reallllly should limit her press exposure though (which, from some reports, she/they are limiting anyways…)


“You’re not qualified to ask me that question.” Has been my favourite deflection so far.


Name one.

Edit: MAYBE “relatively attractive”




To each his own.




To be fair, I recall Bush jr saying almost equally silly things. But that may be because I still find her cute.


GWB would mispronounce a word from time to time. This lady thinks the three branches of the US government are the Presidency (the executive branch), the House and the Senate (legislative branch). A soon to be (or already?) sitting Senator completely forgets about the Judicial branch. Even if it was just a slip up, she thinks each chamber of Congress is it’s own branch of government?

Sorta important stuff for the people making the laws to know…


I mean…

Is it possible to be more wrong about something? Oh, ya, hamster heart models, but still this is pretty bad.


Some fine writing in the story:
“McConnell believes it was a ‘mistake’ for voters in Alabama not to choose Roy Moore, who was credibly accused of molesting multiple teenage girls, over Doug Jones, a prosecutor who locked up Klansmen for the murders of children, in the Senate special election to replace Jeff Sessions.”


See, the difference is she looks adorable when she says dumb shit like that. Yeah, my favorite Friend was Phoebe…


She has a plus 2 in the victim Olympics, hasn’t raped anybody, and dumbs hard while looking good.

Her current term is just cred for when they run her for president.

In other words, she’s the modern definition of a useful idiot.




Just say no:


Who considers Ryan a genius? The guy read one book.


Imagine running into her while she was still working in a bar. I’d do something like this - I’d put on my confused/angry face before placing an order, and hesitantly ask her for a recommendation for an alcoholic beverage as I don’t usually drink. I’d haltingly explain with a pained expression on my face how I witnessed at work a young black trans woman from a disadvantaged background being discriminated against by a group of middle aged white men. I’d profess shame for not having intervened, blaming decades of racist, ableist, ageist social conditioning for having brainwashed me into believing into the innate superiority of straight white men. I’d angrily slap my hand against the bar muttering “damn plutocrats” and wonder aloud whether “something tangible could be done”.

I’d admire her cute face as she’d get more and more worked up and space out and nod and uh-uhm at the right times while she’d blurt out and endless stream of garbled lines from a cliff notes version of Das Kapital. I’d be visibly comforted when she’d tell me “You’re not the enemy” and I’d promise to come to the next meeting of her protest group or whatever. I’d thank her for comforting me and casually inquire when does her shift end. And lo and behold some time later we’d be banging in her dingy apartment while Che Guevara and Castro would be looking at me accusingly from massive posters hanging on her walls.*

*something very similar to this may or may not have happened years ago