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The Stupid Thread 2


Gonna be honest, I didn’t think his height would the issue…


Well, I can’t state the obvious or I’m the nazi.


Smh, found Zep’s blog

Try not to let your head explode.


nah man, Lew would never advocate for Universal Healthcare or any real welfare programs. He’s an anarcho-capitalist and would advocate for the preservation of private property and (radical) free markets - that’s clearly not Zep’s MO

edit: Unless I missed the joke, in which case ::whoosh::


Maybe I misjudged… All I read was the article about Marines making people orphan’s or whatever.


Gotcha … my original response to you said something along the lines of Lew and Zep might align on a few things, but ultimately they diverge along radical free markets and basically government intervention but I edited it down


Aww …

Also, commie culture is not Chinese culture, so FUCK YOU. And fuck all you socialists and wannabes around the world. Seriously, FUCK YOU.


Kevin Hart is nauseating. I have no idea how people find him funny. Same people who go to the Madea movies or thought we needed like 5 scary movie parody movies?


I always thought of communism as anti or even non culture.


The latter of which is the issue Vance seems to have with the Marines.


Yea, I don’t even know what to call it. It is essentially what led to that old video where the little girl got run down by a car on the street and people just walked by nonchalantly while she got run over again and again with none of the cars even stopping.


I’m both glad I never saw this video and saddened to learn it exists…


At least a good portion of the younger generation at that time was outraged, though. However, people I know actually defended the inaction of the people in the video by citing this case:

The truth is, those who grew up before the Open Door Policy were used to turning away when shit happened like their friends or neighbours being taken away by the government under suspicion of being counter-revolutionaries because if they spoke up, there was a chance they would automatically be linked to them as co-conspirators. The burden of proof there is on the plaintiff to prove his innocence. They probably just did not want to be implicated if the girl had died. Add in the destruction of culture, values and morals ,which were replaced by government dictated “values” and “morality”, and this is what you get. The new generation is still stuck somewhere in between, unfortunately.



Well, no, it’s because your unoriginal ideas are fucking stupid.


I genuinely wish the media wouldn’t have gone through with the number of ‘look how she dresses’ esque potshots. It really validates a lot of this bullshit and gives her footing where her ideas wouldn’t have got her on their own.


Oh, man, lol

Yes, contribute to her gofundme, lol.


Lmao the trolls are going to have a field day with this.

How to 4D Chess:

  1. Pay hooker to go away.
  2. Let hooker sue you and slander you for a couple years.
  3. Win back over 100% of the money you paid hooker.
  4. Profit


To be fair, he’s being reimbursed for legal fees.

Meaning the lawsuit didn’t cost Trump extra but he still paid her 150k. So Trump is still down 150k minimum on the deal

Edit: I’m aware the 4d chess people definitely won’t figure that out


That’s kind of the point. Attributing genius where there is none.

Like the Nobel peace prize.


I still don’t know how we’re attributing any genius to this stuff

Guy spends 150k to sleep with a woman he says has a horse face. Unravel that one for me