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The Stupid Thread 2


Just to invite more discussion, check out the case of Luke Heimlich. A bit of a different animal than just tweets, but pretty divisive.

This article is kind of pro Heimlich. Many others are not.


…Heimlich was convicted of inappropriately touching the victim in a private area…

This is where I begin to have a problem, @The_Myth.

What does that even mean? What did it involve?

Should the kid be put in the same category as the one who sodomizes and rapes toddlers?

I think we really need to take a VERY close look at many of these “sex offense” statutes.


Yep, read about this. How ludicrous can we get?


Every one of us probably wrote something dumb on here at some point. It happens. People are just looking for ways to bring others down because their own lives are miserable even if it has very little to no bearing on who that person really is.


McCarthy, anyone? The interwebZ, PC version.


Ah, the silver lining in this moron’s win.


Why are you internet cat calling her? Such a cis-gendered white male thing to do…derelict


It’ll be illegal soon so I gotta get it in while I can!


quoted for excellence


Limiting sex offender-shaming to that would probably eliminate a lot jobs.


Yeah this shouldn’t really compare to tweets someone did as a 14 year old. I don’t see what the two have to do with each other unless we are just saying they are two things that happened when people were young.



I’m looking at the Murray and Heimlich cases as two separate issues, not in comparison.

One (Murray) has more to do with shaming and possible jealously…and in many ways should never have been brought out (IMO).

Heimlich is more a case of looking at how we bunch VERY different offenses (in terms of severity) all into the same bucket known as “Sex Offenders”. I feel that this really needs to be looked at more closely.


Trump: “Democrats can’t find a Smocking Gun tying the Trump campaign to Russia after James Comey’s testimony. No Smocking Gun…No Collusion,”

Can the new guy in charge at least have Trump spell check or something? The content of his thoughts is bad enough. We have the leader of our country who every other tweet has usage mistakes and spelling mistakes. He’s at about a 7th grade level and it’s embarrassing as hell to say “yeah we picked this guy!”*

  • Yes I know technically most people didn’t pick him but we have that stupid as hell system where people who get less votes can win.


My favorite off of this so far is:

As Smockey the Bear says, only you can rake away forest fires!


Like most hot topics, the sex offense laws swung the pendulum too far. Peeing in public could get you the sex offender tag initially.

It’s illegal to possess naked pictures of someone under 18 so technically teenage couples can be sex offenders for exchanging pics. In my county we still document these cases but they’re not charged (Thank, God) unless someone sends the pics to a bunch of people in school when they break up. Those kids are punished and I think it’s appropriate.

The laws are being rewritten or applied carefully now. “Touching someone’s private parts” could be an simple overestimation of the situation. Not thinks it’s safe to head for 2nd base and finds out he was wrong. It could also be a rude and demeaning gesture.

Sexual battery is physical contact with the intent to arouse the offender or another. That probably occurs on a lot of awkward dates but it doesn’t mean everyone needs to be labeled a sex offender.


You guys all seem pretty objective with respect to Heimlich, but the piece that is missing is the fact that he was top ten draft pick that went undrafted due to the charges.

What are his rights?

Truth be told, you have all been more objective than I expected,


No one cares…


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Well, he’s been blacklisted because he culturally appropriates and hates gays. Basically, he’s a black Hitler.


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