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The Stupid Thread 2


Twitter has hence moved on from shadowbanning. They are now shadowtypoing.

I guess ivankas emails make more sense now in light of her obv ‘cyber security advisor’


Points for honesty, I suppose…


TBF, that’s been the sentiment in Washington among the Federal government since at least Bush 43, if not, longer…i.e. this isn’t just a Trump thing


Oh I know, it’s commendably honest cynicism. He’s merely voicing what every politician who pens a budget actually thinks:


Gotcha … I was just looking at the US Federal surplus/deficit chart on FRED (https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/FYFSD) and it really looks like Federal fiscal (really monetary and you’ll understand why in a second) shenanigans started when Nixon nixed the Gold standard … he dropped in in '71 and in '74 it looks like when federal deficit starts going off the rails (economic lag).


Nixon leaving the gold standard enabled the two headed monster: unending welfare and warfare state started under Johnson. No need to pay for any of that.

It also removed the last remaining check on the federal reserve.


Don’t worry Republicans will go right back to being “fiscal conservatives” the moment they are out of power. Good to see they aren’t even pretending right now.

Crazy Trump has basically run as the opposite of the “Tea Party” movement in every way and those same people are essentially his base of support. Not much to the movement but hypocrisy and some racism it would appear.


"What constitutes a proper apology and restitution for hurtful words? And who gets to rule on whether those gestures of contrition are sincere and commensurate to the offense?

Is it enough, though? Or is it just a start? The concept of penance may be out of fashion, but that should change, especially at a moment of national reckoning over homophobia, sexual violence and racism. Stepping down from the Oscars may be punishment for Hart, but that censure doesn’t do very much to help people who have , for example, been beaten by relatives because of their perceived sexual orientation."

Those word choices though.


The fiscally concervative legislator is like the Unidodo, it doesn’t exist and wouldn’t last long if it did.

I only hope the collapse is quick and resolves itself quickly. Asking voters and politicians to match spending to taxation is as likely to work as a chocolate fireguard.


Actually, British historian Tom Holland has quite successfully argued that modern outrage culture appropriates a lot of concepts from Christianity, either unconsciously directly or either through Marx by insisting on spectacular levels of both physical and verbal purity.

Jordan Peterson puts the blame solely on postmodernism but I think Holland has a lot of valid points as Christian terms are rehashed without a trace of irony or self consciousness.

If anything, the styling of woke arguments would be strikingly familiar to late 19th century prudish Victorians.


My book says you can’t do that!!!


That is a really, really interesting comparison


Aye. They need their own vocabulary. Leave ours alone!


It’s selective outrage is all.


Gay men and women have an agreement: gays can call women bitches and women can use the word fag.




I heard Trump hit a woman. It was a fight with his sister back in 1952 when he was 4, but he still hit a woman!

This whole thing is at odds with the progressive message of pushing social change for the good. If people don’t benefit from changing their behaviors and actions, and are instead shamed for their past (which they are sorry for), then not a lot of change will happen. It’s just stupid.


I agree with you, @Californiagrown…but let me get your thoughts on this.

I think that there is too much “lumping together” of peoples past “offenses” with some strange, clearly undefined “end Goal” that appears to be angering more people than changes behaviors; and that appears more aimed at shaming someone for past behaviors (which as you said, many are truly sorry for).

Case in point.
Someone searched and found some tweet from a 15 year old Kyler Murray (more that 7 years ago)…who is the recent OU winner of the Heisman Trophy (just last night) that was “homophobic”.

Does this even remotely compare to say Leslie Mooves or Matt Lauer who threatened people; and destroyed lives and careers in order to satisfy their constant need for power and sex over women…and did it for years?

Why is Kyler’s issue even brought up?



People see successful people, become jealous and do what they can to put them down. Gives them a self esteem boost to find and publicize a flaw.