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The Stupid Thread 2


There are a lot of questions in the hiring process that make up an entire psych exam. The part that you’re missing is that being a cop kind of sucks.

People curse you and wish you dead when you show up to help them (after they called).

You see a 16 year old girl with half her head blown off.

You work a case of an infant death.

You work fatality car crashes where a six year old dies because his mother wanted to drink and use cocaine in the middle of the day.

You try to work with and calm down people with mental problems like paranoid schizophrenia.

(these are all personal examples)

One could easily enter this field as a completely normal human being and drastically change in five to 10 years. Perhaps we need to have some follow up testing every five or 10 years to make sure we’re still mentally capable to cope with this job.


I suppose a lot of this makes sense. I had already heard that police have a high rate of burning out sort of because of the job.


From what I understand, the guy has been on the job for over 10 years and has a history of being a hot head. Not sure if this recent incident is PTSD or stress related, but it’s within his pattern of behaviour by some accounts.


I’ll be the first to admit that some cops are idiots and jerks. Some are a lot like bullies and like to fight. It’s statistically impossible for all of us to be good people. It’s too bad the general public doesn’t accept that.


Nice post. I think you know I have cops in my family, in-laws. My brother in law retired from NYPD and is a hard core racist - because of his job, and I get that.

Two of my childhood friends are retired cops (I’m that age), and they are solid dudes. But some of the stories man.

Same with teachers though. I think all professions just mirror society, but when a cop (or a teacher) does something wrong, it’s news.


It gets attention when cops screw up. What’s really frustrating is when a cop is fired or quits and then gets in trouble like 10 years later. The headlines will always say “Former (enter department here) Officer Arrested for…” Once a cop, always a cop for better or worse, I guess.


I’d say the general public accepts that but y’all are held to a higher standard … with great power comes great responsibility, man.


I get that but if we fire a bad cop then we don’t want him/her to be associated with us anymore! It’s an insult when he goes down the road and does some more stupid stuff and they identify him as “Former Officer Dumbass”. It should just be “Dumbass”. :laughing:


I know. When a karate instructor molests a kid the headline reads “Teacher Charged with Rape.” When it’s a piano teacher, it’s still “Teacher Charged with Rape.”

Especially with Newsday!


Yep. You never see “Firefighter Charged With…”


This happens with Marines a lot too. It’s frustrating.


I’d like to see it expanded. Former teacher, subscriber to Sports Illustrated, user of Crest toothpaste, and Hanes underwear owner sexually assaults student.


Tomahawks. Hell, the Call of Duty playing children will bean his ass with a 360 blind shot if you let them


I don’t disagree with you. I work in law enforcement and the overwhelming majority of people in LE are good people working a difficult profession. My issue is with the people who have no business being on the job and the system that allows them to stay. I have friends who work in departments around Niagara from what they’ve told me a lot of people saw this coming.

Here’s an article on the subject:


It seems that we have a strange problem in my neck of the woods. I meet people who seem very qualified (usually with a military background) but can’t seem to get hired but we hire people with zero life experience who can’t pass field training.

I also know a few people who should’ve been fired numerous times but somehow they’re still here. But in the last year we’ve lost two officers because they were charged criminally.

One shot at a dog and the bullet ricocheted and hit a little girl in the face. Thank God it was only a flesh wound. He was searching a house for evidence with his gun (not looking for bad guys) and didn’t account for his surroundings.

Another was responding to a burglary but was told an emergency response was no longer required. He continued to speed and someone pulled out on front of him and he hit them. The driver was ejected and had critical injuries.

The first guy was charged with aggravated child endangerment and the second was hit with aggravated battery.

The person who seems to be invincible is a female who managed to keep her job after being involved in a hit and run collision while on duty, in a police car, out of our jurisdiction. Recently she was arrested for a domestic violence charge but I hear she’s coming back again.

In the five years I’ve been with this department she’s only worked the streets for about four months but she’s been collecting a police salary, benefits, and adding to her pension the entire time. She’s worthless.


The job or the chemicals turning frogs gay?



Calls for and celebrates increases in defense spending.

Complains about amount of defense spending.

Our country is really bad at elections.


Democrats…not even once.



a 9 percent tax that is levied by the city

Je-Zeus, Deus … it gets worse:

" Companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify have had to comply with the levy already as, according to a report by the Chicago Tribune, it officially began three years ago."

Fuuuuuck you Chicago - my God, no wonder Chicago is turning into the 3rd world, anyone with any means is probably moving the fuck out


Is it possible to facepalm so hard that you split the atom?