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The Stupid Thread 2


I mean if we’re arming students anyway, why not tazers? They’re less lethal, have some range to them. We know they’d never allow CC of real weapons on campuses anyway.

You walk into a room to shoot up 150 students and they all draw down to taze you, someone is going to connect.


Cost is way too much, training is required, and it’s an actual weapon the school would be responsible for. It would be a much better defensive weapon should the shit hit the fan, but honestly, the chances are CRAZY low that a kids classroom gets attacked, and I think putting a tazer in every college kids hand is a bad idea haha


Did they pass out floaties, too? Since they’re more likely to drown. Holy heck, when we create the false impression of an epidemic we go big.


Hockey pucks, Jesus Christ…


maybe … they’d be better served actually preparing them and training them to act/react properly in these situations (even though they’re rare events to begin with and the extreme vast majority of people will never find themselves in these situations…)

A better ‘last resort’ is to not restrict a person’s Natural right to self-defense by limiting their choices…


Some restrictions on weapons are needed. What level of restriction is needed, is debatable though. I’m guessing you and I differ on where the point is that starts creating more problems than it solves. But that’s another debate for another time haha.

If an active shooter walked into your office, would you rather have a bunch of pencils and or a bunch of hockey pucks at your disposal? (I’d rather have a SWAT team but that’s not one of the choices lol). Actually, staplers probably would work just as well.


people create problems, tools do not. You’re focusing on an inanimate object is illogical and ignores the ACTUAL problems which, again, are caused by individuals acting irrationally…

I’d rather have my side arm…but again this is a rare event occurrence

SWAT is the clean up crew … you really should rather have trained yourself in the use of a personal side arm at the very least … the fact you’re deferring your own personal protection to people who do not care about you baffles me

again, you’re making my point for me … a choice is to choose to not put your life and the defense thereof in someone else’s hands…I get you live in Commifornia, I live the People’s Democratic Commonwealth of Massachusetts so I’m not in any real better situation when it comes to individual liberty, but the State will not protect YOU in these rare events … only YOU can prepare yourself and take responsibility for yourself and those who are unlucky enough to be around in the rare event of a work place shooter…

shit, bring in a fuckin’ bat and say you’re part of a softball team after work and don’t want it getting stolen from your car … c’mon man use your imagination :slight_smile:


You just full on ignored what I said, and cherry picked parts of my post out of context. This kind of bad faith “discussion” is why we as America can’t have nice things. I’m out, have a good weekend.

Also, FWIW I don’t live in CA. moved away a number of years back. Politics nor a job had anything to with it though.


I did nothing of the sort. I addressed the meat and potatoes of your comment but:

I either ignored what you said or cherry picked parts out of context … which was it? It can’t be both.

If you think I ignored your initial statement:

It wasn’t because I was aiming to misrepresent anything you said or present your comments “out of context” (which I disagree I did - maybe you can elaborate how I did so instead of assuming I’m approaching this in any combative manner … I’m not) I just didn’t see the need address it. You opened it up with your opinion that “some restrictions are needed” without any kind of elaboration as if I’m supposed to accept this as a given and move on.

You also go on to assume what my stance is without clearly stating your own stance with this statement:

Ok cool. Tell me at what point you think and I’ll tell whether or not I agree and why…I’m not sure what you expected me to do with this??

And in my subsequent reply to the rest of your post, I’m simply pointing out some observations and perspectives of my own … sorry you can’t take someone critique of your hypothetical rare occurrence thought exercise … I’m really at a loss where you were offended … you don’t really offer any explanation there … you just went straight to defcon go fuck yourself haha

If I gave you the impression I was being combative I wasn’t … simply offering my opinion and perspective - which is generally what happens in a discussion.

I’d wager you’re not used to people having different opinions than you or offering up different perspectives?? That’s all I can gather as to why you’re ready to blow up the conversation … I didn’t approach in any bad faith way, not intentionally anyway…


…Why hockey pucks?

I mean, I get the idea of throwing stuff at a shooter. Not as good as a gun by a long shot, but a good shot may stun him enough for someone to tackle him. You are still fighting a losing battle their, but better than doing nothing, but why a hockey puck? Of all the things to throw, this seems like a terrible option.

That being said, many childhood fantasies would be fulfilled if I saw a news story of a bad guy being taken out by Ninja Star…


I’m very used to differing opinions, and I apologize if you think I’m telling you to go fuck yourself, I’m not. I intentionally left “restrictions” open ended. You igonered my two options: pencils or pucks, and substituted your own… As you stated earlier I’m well aware you would prefer a sidearm.

I don’t have the time to get in further today. Adios!


Buenas dias amigo


Why is it pencils or pucks? I would have thrown my 37lbs tax book at the shooter and then throat punched if he was still conscious.


Yup, not gonna lie, that got a solid guffaw out of me


While hockey pucks may not be the best item the idea behind it is actually pretty sound. When this stuff first started hiding or lining up along the walls was taught. What they found out was shooters had very high accuracy rates because people were shooting ducks.

Now most schools use something called Alice training which is more predicated on running, fighting, or hiding. “Arming kids” with hockey pucks (some schools have used soup cans) or baseballs is a fairly economical way to at least give people something to attempt to fight back with. Sure beats sitting down and hoping the shooter doesn’t walk in.

Also polo a lot of schools are now having law enforcement train students and these teachers with live scenarios using nerf type guns. They aren’t just talking about what to do but actually running through scenarios. I imagine in many schools they will probably make 1 Alice training per year part of their routine just like a tornado drill.


Hockey pucks are made of a hardened rubber. they have some elasticity so they will bounce off of sideboards, but any hockey player will attest that it hurts like Hell to get one shot at an unpadded place on your body. I realize throwing isn’t quite as hard to take as a stick shot, but the Hebron Massacre in Israel a number of years ago was stopped when someone threw a fire extinguisher at the shooter, which left him off kilter long enough to jump on and kill.

Some people can throw a brutal pitch with a baseball, a puck might even be better, and they can be placed and distributed to people in large numbers.


The mechanics to effectively throw a hockey puck it’s unnatural and completely different than a baseball … it’s essentially side armed … kind of like skipping a stone in a pond


Couldn’t you just hold the hockey puck vertically and throw it overhand? As long as it leaves your hand in a straight line with your forearm it’ll fly the same


I suppose you could … thank you for opening my mind pfury you jerk


What if school shooters come in with full goalie stuff on now though?!