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The Stupid Thread 2


Well, really it was during the next year and a half that I decided I had better high tail it the fuck outta Dodge or end up finding buckets of puke the rest of my life that motivated me to join the AF so… you’re the smarter one imo


Lol, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life at that point. Recruiter just got me at the right time.


yea man … I was farting around at community college smoking weed then my dad was like “you gotta do something son” and suggested I call the recruiter so I did and the rest is history so the saying goes…


Who made that chart? Was it this lady?


Jesus. Is that supposed to be funny?

They came from Cambodia and they have to look at ugly Donald Trump. Probably better than looking at all the dead bodies.


No I watched more. She’s dead serious.




Jesus Christ, I started going down that rabbit hole. She has her own website and you can donate through paypal. I had to force myself to stop. I just can’t. It’s an asian Zep. I hate you for sharing this.


Other than the overnight limits being a few years overprotective I don’t see the issue with it. I think if you bumped it back an age bracket or two and then used common sense to adjust for your individual kid, it would be a good go-by. Also, I think the “helpful tips” part are all pretty much good ideas.


My 8 year old goes the grocery store by himself. The other day he wanted a banana and we were out of them. He got out some money he made selling lemonade and rode his bike to the grocery store and came back with bananas.

I also left him home alone for about an hour the other day and when I came back I had a vegetable garden surrounded by a brick wall in the middle of my side lawn. I was a little upset about the grass that he dug up, but it’s kind of awesome so I’m okay with it. So far no vegetables though.

On the other hand, he tried to wash the car inside of the garage. (My wife was actually home for this, but she was in another room). Part of our garage has carpet and now it smells like wet dog.


Get rid of the carpet, keep the kid.


Age 6 is suggested in my state. 6? Wow.

We get these calls pretty regularly in the summer.

“There’s a car with three kids in it. The windows are down. The oldest kid is 3.”

I show up and it’s a 10 year old, a 6 year old and a 2 year old. The kids are fine and two of them even know how to open and close doors!

I don’t know if people are embellishing to generate a response or if they’re actually that stupid.


As far as overreacting goes, I want to float 2 times I tried to do my civic duty when I seemed like someone was getting it in the street.

A number of years ago, I was walking to a store in a busy downtown area and saw a man holding maybe a 12 year old girl hard by the arm waiting for the bus. She was saying, “let go, you’re hurting me”. I looked at this, and sorry to say part of my reaction of concern was that he was African and she looked more white. I suppose they could have been related by mixed relationship, but I didn’t really think that through at the time.

So I go into the store, I can’t help but ogle at this spectre, and marvel also at the large number of people around who seemed to take no notice. A woman came by who was also looking at this and made it obvious to ask me for money for the telephone. i then told the man in a stern manner to let her go, but he didn’t pay much attention, so it seemed… She could have dialed 911 for free, but I saw the message and gave it to her.

I finished shopping, walked back towards my place and notice the bus they took had been stopped by the police who were talking to the man. I interjected and mentioned I had seen down the street a concerning scene, and they said it was a domestic. Duh? I don’t know, if I had seen something worse and hadn’t spoken what could it have been?

Another happened a few years later. I was out in early morning light for a takeout coffee and just before I got to the coffee shop I noticed this. A man was vigorously pursuing a woman who looked a little flustered and he was calling her a whore. He then grabbed her into a bear hug. It seemed graphic, but it seemed maybe a personal relations issue. He let her go but still kept berating her for being a whore and she moved towards a payphone. He physically prevented her from using the phone, and then I got more concerned. Still watching, i noticed she was listening to a lecture and crying a bit

When it seemed like it cooled down I approached and asked her if she was his girlfriend, and she nodded yes. He said so too and told me to mind my own fucking business and fuck off.

I went to the coffee shop hoping I had done the right thing.

In other news of more likely stupidity, a month or so ago I got most of the way to the grocery store before I noticed my fly down.,


It was mainly the 16/17-year-old part that had me laughing.


Lol, I love these memes


She is meme makers gold.


Well, how about weighted footballs? throwing stars? condoms filled with lead? slingshots with M-80"s?


lulz … Are they also going to be teaching them how to fucking throw a puck effectively? Give them fucking baseballs or some shit … pucks aren’t going to do shit unless you throw them underhand disk-like…and good luck being accurate in that scenario…it’s like they want these kids to get fucked

I do not think sane adults are in positions of authority anymore


Get a few kids in there with a throwing background and the balls/awareness to do something, and that shooter is gonna have a rough time when they open that classroom door. Baseballs or Lax balls would be better, but those don’t sit on a desk ready to throw either.

I don’t think it’s a bad last resort, as long as it’s understood to be a last resort.


There’s just not enough weight to a puck, and too likely it’ll flop end over end. A croquet ball would be decent.