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The Stupid Thread 2


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So basically the woke author of this article argues that gay people and women are idiots?


“I’m like really spirichual & shit” said every self absorbed bubble head ever.


No. Just that gay people and women who buy into astrology in any real way are considered idiots by the evil patriarchy.


So, what about straight white men who buy into astrology? I know a few and I consider them idiots … however it’s for more reasons than just their unwavering belief in astrology


Me as well. And I only know exactly one thing about them.


Who believes in astrology? Probably some of the same people who believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster.


Who believes in the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

Edit: Pastafarians?



Typical Aries!


I’m a Libra thankyouverymuch


Higher carbs than the body of Christ but still goes good with the blood






Who the fuck wrote this.

A 17-year-old can be left alone for a whole 2 nights!


I’ve become conditioned to become terrified if I leave my kid alone for any amount of time.

My greatest fear is that I’ll go into a convenience store and come back out to a crowd of police and self righteous soccer moms berating me for leaving my kid in a car for a minute and thirty seconds.


My parents left me home alone when I was 17 for an entire week IN THE SUMMER. I did not burn the house down and there was no evidence of any of the parties I had…except for the bucket of puke hidden behind the oil burner in the cellar

This is the real issue - black swans man

Even this scenario, while more likely than anything actually bad happening to your kid, is rare. I’d imagine there are far more instances of parents leaving their kids in a car for a reasonable amount of time in reasonable condition and nothing happens than assholes over-reacting…still, those over reactions are broadcast far and wide for all to see and instill fear…this is where I employ my Stoic lessons


I had already signed my paper work to join the Marine Corps at 17…


I was living in an apartment on my own at 17… meanwhile, my 19 y/o brother needed my sister rand brother in-law to stay with him when my parents left town.