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The Stupid Thread 2


James Bond is Scottish.

But I really think they should have cast David Niven from the start.


Some women just don’t have vaginas.


I heard on the radio this morning that some college in England (Leeds Trinity?) is looking at doing away with CAPITAL LETTERS because they’re too aggressive and might upset students.


I live in a liberal Utopia, am liberal myself, and work amongst liberals. No one I know thinks that kind of thing is anything but a joke. Being associated with a school that over the top would seem to be a detriment from a name value perspective, but also from a learning how to socialize and adult perspective.


They trot out 10 year old drag queens on Good Morning America. Nothing would surprise me anymore.


'Murica. Where a boy who can’t concentrate in school is diagnosed with a disorder and put on meds and where a boy who thinks he’s a girl is considered perfectly normal.



Now that’s isolationism. They repelled an Indian coast guard helicopter with a volley of arrows. Not easily intimidated, this tribe.


They don’t want us space monkeys in our giant flying insects stealing their Kundalini.


I thought the responses to the question, is it murder, were interesting. I wonder, if the US plainly stated that illegally entering the US was outright banned, would it be murder to shoot those crossing illegally?


People are ridiculous.


It’s important to inject politics into every conversation.

How was your Thanksgiving?

We had a hard time enjoying it with Hilary still out of jail!


It was great, thank you. Lots of praying and no progressives relatives were allowed so much as of a bite of the pumpkin pie without first denouncing their beliefs.


Just kidding. We didn’t have pumpkin pie. And that side of the family sure as heck wasn’t invited.


Lol, sawthis while reading a bed time story and chuckled.



What’s your point here? Why do you have to make a National Holiday political?

Such a troll!

(by the way, just kidding)


We had a very politically neutral Thanksgiving. First we shot the turkey, but in his exuberance to shoot stuff uncle Bob ended up winging cousin Bob in the face. Once that fracas settled down we all joined together for the watching of the football. That was interrupted when it was found that cousin Billy was cheating on his wife. With the guy that she was cheating on him with. The actual dinner was delayed due to a disagreement over where the turkey should be cut and how it should be allocated: to each person, by sides of table or ends of table, or by preference of light or dark meat. Once that was settled (at least for now) the shit hit the fan over whether or not the mashed potatoes and gravy should be plated with the gravy walled up in the potatoes or just drizzled over to run freely around the plate.

All said and done, nobody liked it, it took 37 hours and we had to eat out- which ended up costing about 10 times more than anybody expected.

And now there’s a small faction of the family that knows it disagrees with how we did it but haven’t provided any suggestions for how it could be done better next year.

So, yeah, it was pretty good. Can’t wait to do it again next year!


Meat for everyone? I just can’t escape socialism!


I had a good Thanksgiving staying home. I would have liked to have spent it with my brother, his wife and my beloved nieces, but I was in a time crunch and had to decide if the 6 hours in a car was worth it for a five hour visit. My kid and I have done it the last three years but…

My sister in laws obsession with politics was the deal breaker for me. She even passive-aggressively chided me on Election Day for making an apolitical Facebook post about Smiles Taylor. He’s a kid with CP who trains at Alphas (Brian Alshrue) gym.

My crime was prefacing the post with “Sick of politics yet?” and sharing a video of the kids deadlift at a meet.

This was met with her sharing a meme about how being “sick of politics” is privilege in action and a bunch of bullshit about the supposed moral imperative of never being sick of politics.

Apparently, the biggest part of being a good person is to never shut the fuck up about progressive politics. So says the passive aggressive meme that was clearly directed at me, anyway.

Not worth the drive. Not this year. Next year there wont be a time crunch so I can come down and troll her for a few nights. Should be fun, she rattled easy these days.


Why are you trolling the vegans?

Why are you trolling the liberals?

Why are you trolling the Bobs?

Seriously, you have an uncle Bob and a cousin Bob? What, are you from North Carolina?

Why am I trolling the Tar Heels?

So I am liberal as fuck, but just could not bring myself to vote for Hillary - unelectable.

My mom, dad, and brother all voted for Trump and fucking love him.

Personally, I really don’t care.

I guess that makes me stupid and why my post is appropriate.