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The Stupid Thread 2





Thrre’s one thing I don’t understand that you csn probably clarify for me.

Are Asians in the West all considered to be the same race(or it’s equivalent) regardless of actual race or ethnicity? I’m not getting why a White actor playing a Chinese character is considered racist while it’s ok for a non-Chinese actor from Malaysia (with Burmese blood) to play the same character(Crazy Rich Asians).


As Americans, we don’t see the details or know the origins of people. Not because we’re so open minded, but because we’re just kinda dumb.

You have to spend a lot of time distinguishing differences, which is way too complicated for any television viewing that involves a laugh track. We just want to shut down the frontal lobe and laugh at the funny monkey people. You can’t start explaining why a Filipino might have a last name like Cortez in the middle of that trance.


Nah it’s the same for most of us in the East when it comes to you guys, Europe and South America. It’s just that I keep reading about people getting offended about this stuff in the news and sometimes I’m not even sure if I’m saying the wrong things when I post here. The PC, SJW nonsense is however, making it’s way to my part of the world just like similar trends that originate from the West lol.


and too much effort for any knee jerk PC, SJW to waste their time on. I mean, there are so many injustices out there to rail at, who has time for nuances???

In fairness, if an actor is any good, how would you know if a Brit played an American, or vice versa? My personal opinion is as long as they look the part, may the best actor get the role.

Is any one else aside from me “bothered” when a gay man plays the romantic lead? Maybe I’m just not “advanced” enough… (I was actually glad Chris Pine was Wonder Woman’s romantic interest -HAH! Gal’ll be lassoing me when she finds out that he’s not really interested…)



You hear about one person getting offended but don’t hear about the few million who couldn’t care less. Thanks to the internet, a handful of people suddenly represent a mass movement.


To my knowledge you can identify a Filipino from his/hers full name due to weird abbreviations.

Brits playing Americans - pretty much every British actor or actress can pull of a seamless American accent. I know many people didn’t have a clue Daniel Kaluuya from Get Out was British.

Americans pulling off any accent from the British Isles? No. Nope.


Yeah, I’m basing my question off what I read in the news, not random angry posts on the internet lol. I am quite sure most people couldn’t care less about most SJW and PC stuff, but since race is a very sensitive issue here, I though I should clarify it since all the information I can get about the West is in the news.


Pretty much any accent. Americans turn everything foreign into some goofy generic weirdness.


I want to know why Kevin Costner was not #1 on that list!

Here you go:


Hey, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was the epitome of awesomeness. Who gives a fuck.


I watch all Robin Hood movies, on principle alone.


Because he wasn’t even attempting an accent. The same way Sean Connery always spoke mumbling Scottish, regardless of his character’s background.

On a side note, Christian fuckin’ Bale.




LOL. I always thought of “masticating” myself, like he is chewing through his words; made me hungry…

Still one of the all time studs though.


English spy: Scottish accent
Russian submariner: Scottish accent



Hate to break it to you but the right suffer from this as well

People tend to focus on only one side of the coin I’ve noticed … it’s much more interesting to hear about the emotional people than the boring people going about their lives …

By product of television is imagine


Having spent a combined 40+ years on the respective Coasts, I guess I tend to speak to what I know. Truth be told, until the Trumpian Era, I would guess I’ve had the “liberal” POV of being dismissive of “The Right” out of hand.

Stupid is as stupid does, no matter the label.


Unfortunately, that’s where the “real” news gets many of its stories.