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The Stupid Thread 2


Yes, but average teacher pay is almost half of what I make.


It’s also more boring. Or quiet if you’re into that instead. And you will shit yourself when you see how little traffic.

Cheaper alcohol, tobacco, strip clubs, and groceries.


Ha! This was on my fb this morning.


Doesn’t roll off the tongue as well as the original now does it…What time signature is that in? 6/8?


Time signatures are racist because math.


Yep … math is pretttttty pretttty prettty prettty racist


That’s why I stopped doing Poliquin’s programs. The constant use of tempo kept triggering me.


I thought you people were good at math?




That guy looks like he’s trying to pass a tortice shell.

I swear, you tell them it will make their pecked hard and they’ll eat anything.


That’s because you colonized us and wouldn’t let us smoke weed. All for the sake of monopoly profits. SHAMEFUL!




And if they lived somewhere else it would be easier for them to figure it out.


If they make that much somewhere else.


I thought it was opium?

Wait, white ghost devils switched our opium for their junk weed??

No wonder we were no longer able to deflect bullets after the super secret Shaolin Kung Phoo training.



Nono they wouldn’t let us smoke weed so we would smoke their opium! Then they banned opium altogether in British Colonies so we had to use their garbage pharmaceutical drugs. First the Imperialists, then the pharma cartel denied the public choice! The evils of capitalism run amuck! What else was there to do at that time other than fuck, study math and excel in life?


LOL. As a punnyguy and an Asian, I applaud you Sir.


Lol I’m just joking using zep references.


Yinz guys did a really good job on that transcontinental railroad for us.

(as dt knows, I’m just joking too.)


But I’m not joking when I say you owe us reparations for this!

No, actually it was a pretty good movie.