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The Stupid Thread 2


I like Fleccas … I laughed when Santa Marx told him to take his duckboots somewhere else or w/e he said and fleccas was like “These aren’t duckboots they’re Jordan 11s”


A is supposed to pay $10,000 in taxes, but that amount is reduced to $0. A was not subsidized.

B pays $0 in taxes, but receives $1 that was paid by others. B has been subsidized.

Seems simple enough.


When you say that are you including the best guess of military black budget too?


You could triple the most overblown black budget military spending prediction on the planet and you’d still never touch 50%



Yes that part was inaccurate.

But we need to spend MORE on the military. We’re getting weak and we are barely outspending our rivals. Instead of just outspending multiple big countries we need to outspend the world combined.

Don’t you care about the troops?!?!


I’m all for closing some of our 800 bases. Especially the ones in the countries that don’t like us. Let them pay for their own defense and we can spend the money here.

But that’s a nationalist take, and nationalism is wrong.


If only pols could target military spending without immediately being slandered as troop haters.


“Close bases abroad and fix America first with the savings! We should be spending in Chicago, not Cologne.” -flags in background

Flint not France?
LA not the UAE?

Work in progress


America first!


You mean conservatives resort to ad hominems when their preciouses are threatened? … how DARE you

“We need to cut spending” “Ok, let’s close a bunch of over seas bases and scale back operations” “You must hate the troops” “well no, I hate the military industrial complex, fake patriotism and people who resort to trying to shame me for being a rational, emotionless shell of a person…”


We have bases overseas for OUR defense. And that is a nationalist take.


I’ll be honest, one of the few things I was excited about Trump about was the perception he was going to reign in military spending. I took all that talk of ‘make other countries pay their fair share’ and ‘stop subsidizing the world’s defense spending’ shit way too literal.

Turns out he just meant get into Twitter spats with foreign leaders.



Yes. Of course, I think some of his highest approval ratings have come following foreign intervention.


How far does 70k go in NYC? Frankly, I’ve made the decision to avoid the mega cities because at least in my field the slightly higher pay doesn’t balance out the much higher cost of living and bad commutes.


$70k’s not going to go that far in NYC, but a lot of these folks will live in Jersey and other surrounding states.


70k isn’t much in Jersey either. The same with CT, especially the towns close to NYC like Greenwich.


Whelp, not sure what to say… We have folks working in NYC that make $50k and they seem to figure it out.


70k is a lot anywhere on the damn planet.

People just need to adjust their MuricaConsume expectations


Lmao. I think a lot depends on whether you have little ones or do something really stupid, like buy a house. By the time mortgage interest, property taxes (school/county/township), payroll withholding, commute expense etc… it looks pretty thin before you’ve bought your first i-Phone or latte.

You should still be able to “live” a mr money mustache lifestyle for sure. But most people aren’t even 1% as astute with money as he is.


@polo77j def knows what she’s talking about…

To long, didn’t watch:
She thinks the US population is 500 million plus.
She thinks unemployment is low because “everyone” has 2 jobs (4.9% of workers have two jobs).
She wants to give Warren Buffet a tax break (lol).
Got her economics degree from the University of Bernie Sanders, clearly. Apparently, her undergrad studies didn’t require a math class.