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The Stupid Thread 2


Ha! That’s what I was thinking. FarmVille and that jewel game.


Lol, I have no idea.


For me that’s one of the best parts of Kingdom Come: Deliverance - illustrating how people completely lost their shit (and their lives by the thousands) over things that seem trivial from a historical perspective.

And you don’t have to go back to 1413 for that - more than thirty people died in New York in 1849 in a massive riot over which actor does Shakespeare better.


It was an excellent game and I enjoyed the setting and history. But having to go down a dialogue tree to settle an argument about popes felt kind of forced.


So, dude hog ties turtures and then kills a video game character whose purpose is to symbolize the fight for women’s rights. He then posts video of it while I assume narrating it in a very unpleasant manner, and then his YouTube channel is temporarily suspended for a few hours as YT reviews to content? Am I getting this right?

This is the equivalent of an egregious flop in sports.


Yeah but imagine the ad revenue he’s pulling in now that he started showing up in people’s google feeds. You can make so much money these days with stunts like this. It’s like the GOP flavor of virtue signaling.


The video I saw included no narration, turturing or even what we think of as torture. It depicted the player character (which is a script of code that the player of the game has limited control over) punching an NPC (which is a non-player character, aka a script of code that the player has even less control over) in the face after listening to the NPC deliver the speech the NPC had been programmed to deliver. The player character then chased the NPC down on horseback and employed the game’s lasso mechanic to immobilize the NPC.

Afterwards the player character used an in-game mechanic to put the NPC on horseback and carry the NPC to a virtual location containing a virtual alligator, where the NPC was taken off of the horse and virtually fed to said virtual alligator.

You assume wrong, but that’s a common mistake with people who want to make a mountain out of a molehill.

I saw another clip where the same chain of events happened, but the NPC feminist was laid down on railroad tracks, struck by a virtual train, and then set on fire.

Nobody, anywhere was injured by this. At all. It is important to remember that video games are not real. It is just a sequence of code playing out inside of a small box that sends images to a screen.

If you or the people you believe were acting reasonably when they temporarily banned this harmless channel want to find something to be outraged about, play Fallout or some of the old Dungeons and Dragon’s games. You could cast Flesh To Stone on female NPC’s and cackle maniacally as you follow up with a delayed blast Fireball on the remaining NPC’s of The Forgotten Realms. Male and female. Human, elf, half-elf, dwarven and half-orcs. And especially those rotten halflings. None were safe from Maleficar, Level 19 Chaotic Evil Mage!

Mwa ha-ha!!!


I always find it a little funny and a lot stupid when a troll accomplishes there goal too well and faces the consequences. That’s all I was saying. No reason for veiled accusations of being a snowflake SJW.

Sorry, I don’t play video games and have no idea wtf your last paragraph was talking about.


YT has an algorithm that will temporarily suspend accounts if there’s a large spike in reports/complaints in a short time frame. The same thing happened to dozens of YT news streamers before they learned in what ways they could report on school shootings.

YT then reviews the auto suspension, and acts accordingly. It’s almost a guarantee that the account will be unlocked in situations like this. Especially when he didn’t show anything IRL like many of the news streamers did.

He didn’t face any consequences. He took advantage of a rabid news cycle to scream victim, despite already being unbanned by the time the VAST majority even saw the news. He’s now going to see a large spike in subscribers, which is $$$$.

Edit: For reference. Sheeple gonna sheep. Easy bait. Welcome to the internet America.


Must avoid the trolls!!!


Well, I suppose this says more about people’s ridiculous reactions than it does about youtube. Good on them for letting him back on. Of course his traffic will go up, people want to see what caused the ruckus. You’d think people who find his content offensive and in need of reporting would realize this, but that’s obviously not the case.

RPG’s are great fun for well-adjusted people. I’ve been playing them both on paper and digitally since back in the day where they were entirely text based. MUD’s, we called them. Right around the same time where the naked lady pictures you were downloading from your local pirate bulletin board revealed themselves pixel-by-pixel via your 2400 baud modem.

Ahh, the good ol’ days.


It’s not really all that crazy of a reaction. A thumbs down and a report flag are 3 clicks, maybe 4. No real work required to show your dislike of a video. But agreed.

For many it would be the non subscribers. The comers and goers.

Wish we had more of those these days.


Even statues are punching Nazis…


That’s true IF you include mobile gaming. Men are the large majority of console and PC gamers.


Statue 1
Idiot 0

Here’s hoping alcohol was involved.


Attention = currency. Man I wish I had something interesting or unique to say. $6k/week for playing videogames?.. I’m doing this whole capitalism thing wrong!


Welcome to the US, where welfare is available and the laws don’t matter.


This. Women and men play different types of games, for the most part. Not a lot of women are playing RPG, RTS, or FPS.


Motel 6 volunteered their guests’ personal information to ICE based solely on the fact those guests were Chicano. I don’t want to live in a country where folks get asked for their papers based solely on their ethnicity. Those Motel 6 managers fucked up big-time.

My stupid contribution is the people I’ve seen and heard saying the California wildfires are an effect of the liberal policies in the state. Some real scary shit happening down there right now and people want to find any excuse, even natural disasters to play politics.


Agreed. Both sides are doing it. It’s either “climate change” or the fact that we’ve fought fires that we should have let burn for 100 years now. So previously slow burning harmless fires that just cleared undergrowth now have an insane amount of fuel.

There are regulations about how far you can clear brush from your house. Which is odd for residents of free-er states to understand.