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The Stupid Thread 2


Anxiety about extremely unlikely events runs in my wife’s side of the family so it’s sorta out of my control…

Always a catch.


So this happened. Sortition eh?



Never read Twitter comments…


Tweet this at that guy. Claim he started the petition. Enjoy the triggering.


Such a marvelous self own.


This lady is my State’s representative in the Senate - she deserves all the pwnage that comes her way…


Every time she touches that subject it just gets worse.

Hopefully she continues.


You can BET Trump has this just waiting in his hip pocket to use on the stump…

Warren and her defenders are best served by abandoning any connection she may, or may not, have…


And if he does bring it up she should say, “bone spurs.”




And admit Trump was right on this issue? Methinks not.


Except he factually and literally wasn’t. He took a guess, was likely to be correct, non zero NA dna found.

Just another deal for Trump to bitch out on. But by all means let’s shit on Warren. Not really a fan of her anyway


Is 1/1024th, with the Cherokee nation in the no camp, a correct? Like, I can’t see how much closer to wrong she could be.

I cannot see how this isn’t advantage Trump.


0/1024 would be closer to wrong imo

Oh it probably is. But it’s a useless advantage if she doesn’t run in 2020. It’s just another bullshit deal he gets to back out on


There was a report yesterday where the geneticist for 23 and me came out and explained they don’t even check for Cherokee DNA because it’s too hard to find in the modern population and the Cherokee nation asks their members not to submit DNA for testing.

They checked for south American DNA because it’s assumed they both crossed the bearing straight roughly 12,000 years ago.

So it’s actually weaker proof than even 1/1024.


Sure, but it is statistically 0. Like, this is margin of error level of correct.


I wonder if this is potentially legally enforceable. @thunderbolt23? Does this fit the definition of a biding contract?

I need my sides to close again before any such court case happens.



That dude is a choad … what a pandering douchebag


Trump be Trumpin!

Now how does one take Warren seriously after she jumped through such a stupid hoop?

She takes a well documented lie and continues to try to prove herself honest/right. What she did basically amounts to talking shit about the Amish over the internet, because who will ever know, right?

I guess she never saw this whole shitstorm we call the internet coming.

Now she doesn’t just look like a liar or an idiot, she looks like both.