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The Stupid Thread 2


My bar fighting days are long gone.

But my son will be 12 in 6 years! His elbow strike is gonna be a jaw breaker!


Sure your bar fighting days are done, but is your conviction to justice diminished?

Teach your son to abhor such heresy and all will be well.


Here’s a few tips for the soon-to-be comrade @Legalsteel to help him get his bearings during the early days of the Revolution.

  • You salute a comrade with a clenched fist to your left temple, exclaiming simultaneously “glory to the socialist revolution” to which your interlocutor responds “workers of the world unite”

  • While some will probably advise you to get up very early to secure a good spot in the line for rationed goods, a more efficient method is to loiter around until closing hours and then slip some hard currency to the store manager, ensuring that he stashes away some of luxury items such as milk and fresh eggs until your turn comes

  • Don’t be a bleeding heart and denounce your neighbors ASAP. You’ll preempt them as they’ll sure as hell denounce you when given the chance and in this way you’ll earn some brownie points with the local Labo…I mean Party HQ which may mean a more privileged status and hopefully an exemption from forced labor detail.

That’s it for now - don’t worry, you’ll get a hang for it.

Mr Murray, the chief of staff to Len McCluskey at the Unite union, is on secondment to Mr Corbyn’s office, where sources said he wields ‘significant influence’.

Mr Murray only left the British Communist party to join Labour when Mr Corbyn took over as leader in 2016. He has defended the Russian tyrant Stalin, suggesting his regime was better than living in the West, and expressed ‘solidarity’ with North Korea.


I’m never going to use the word “communist” anymore when describing any of these countries since socialists nowadays are using the ridiculous “Those were communist countries, not socialist!” deflection whenever past atrocities are brought up.


How on earth could I forget Red Len.


Serious question - I’ve followed the rise of Corbyn with a mixture of bemusement and shock but I still cannot understand but how did the current British political climate produce such a large number of prominent Stalin apologists?

Even France with a long history of extremist lefties falls well short of this number…


The prominence is recent, to an extent. The UK has always had a large number of communist fellow travellers,all the way back to the Fabian society. However, this was tempered by the make-up of the labour party itself (which was typically blue collar workers with strong senses of nationalism, and strong religious values).

The major problem now is as of the changes made by Ed Milliband (son of a marxist professor) the party liberalised membership rules and leadership contests. This caused an immediate explosion of party membership and the party machinery swung very far to the left.

The things that DID restrain Labour’s far left are gone, and the party is composed of New Labourite social revolutionaries and, crucially, new far left membership from the UK’s universities. It also caused the communist party members to wholly swap to Labour, so there’s that too.

The whole question is complicated, but that’s what caused Corbyn to get the job, in the immediate term at least.


I thought it was a black and tan.
Surely that is allowable under special circumstances, such as
“This stout is too strong. Can you fix it?”


My ancestors cried out in unison upon reading this.


Is Guinness and Sprite seriously a thing? I had always thought:
-black and tan: Guinness with Harp/Bass/similar
-black and brown: Guinness with Newcastle
-Irish car bomb: Guinness with Jameson/Baileys dropped in

Sprite in Guinness is just being an asshole and ruining Guinness.





“He was also fired from his position as editor of Durham University’s online magazine The Bubble

Of course he was - he was thinking outside the bubble…


This is the really dangerous track that the west is on. LePen was posting what ISIS was actually doing, and it runs so counter to the lefty narritive and French political thought that they think SHE should see a shrink.

They are so immune in their bubbles from hearing/seeing things they disagree with they think any opposition must be from insane people.

I love that the judges are going after her based on “violent images”. Can’t post violent or offensive images, surely not. WTF happened to “je suis charlie”? Oh… never mind Lepen is a political undesirable, no rights for her.


The left fights harder against those who fight evil than it fights against evil itself. Sadly, it’s not just confined to the French.


Watch in Satisfaction as Ted Cruz Gets Chased Out of a Restaurant By Protesters


Love or hate him, should this really be encouraged? People talk about Trump potentially encouraging violence against the media. Should we really be ‘satisfied’ with this?



In my eyes it cheapens whatever “cause” you may be supporting.


I’m not personally, but I’m hella confused on what everyone meant by ‘let the market fix it’ for all those years if not exactly stuff like this.

This x 100. Only children try to shout someone out of a restaurant. And who gives a shit about the cause children support


other children … and in, what seems to me to be, an increasingly infantile adult populace this is disturbing enough … but then again, babies to cry the loudest so…