The Stupid Thread 2 (Part 2)

Isn’t the women’s barbell the one that women use in competitions, like the Olympics? It’s not simply lighter but has a smaller diameter because women tend to have smaller hands? It’s actually a matter of equity. Even the activists don’t know their own logic and language.


This is real and it’s available on Amazon.

I am all for telling the real version of history; good, bad, or otherwise, but this surely can’t be rooted in evidence.

This new thing where every nation was originally full of black people is fascinating.


Was there ever any doubt?


Edit: And thank goodness for that. Because Black people also invented everything.

Human migration is funny though. Some scholars have determined that Native Alaskans were the first Hawaiians too (what the Hawaiians calls he Menahunae [sic]).

Northern Europe being built by Africans though? Needs some evidence before I buy that. Not saying it couldn’t have happened, but seems unlikely.

I’ll believe that as much I’ll believe black people invented skiing.

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Well, Wendler does have a template called North of Vag, so there is a precedent.

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The real stupidity is the people blaming the schools. No, your schools aren’t failing, your kids are failing, and it’s because your communities are overrun with morons who don’t want to use birth control.

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Satire ?? These rejects claim blacks built or invented about everything else so you never know

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I had a Wendler shirt a few years ago

I don’t think it is meant to be satire.

Every race and/or ethnic group can count amongst its numbers some self loathers.

Not like the huwhytes

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WAIT…is this true?


I am from pittsburgh, never heard of this


Thank god. My faith in humanity was about to be shattered forever.

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I really like cold pizza, but that is specifically in reference to cooked pizza that has been allowed to get cold. Never cooked pizza sounds nasty.

Noooo! It is a distortion.

So, some places bake full sheet sized risen crusts, then its topped with sauce, cheese, pepperoni, etc. And baked again.

Then if you want extra cheese & stuff, that is thrown on top as soon as it comes out of the oven. Ends up being about 2 inches thick of fresh bread/crust, sauce, cheese, pep, & more cheese.

They’re very good. I grew up with this style from a shop down the street.