The Stupid Thread 2 (Part 2)

This is a parody, right? As in, if I was trying to write a tongue in cheek article mocking fat people, it would look a lot like that article. Or are they just beyond shame?

Choice quotes: “…more than two in five adults live in a large body.” Not only can they not call it a fat body, they dissociate from it. They aren’t large adults. They are adults living in a large body.

“Southwest’s popular open seating policy creates the opportunity for customers to have an empty seat next to them without purchasing an additional seat, though we do allow for the purchasing of two seats,” So what they are saying is that by being fat you discourage others from taking the seat next to you unless there are no other options.

Lol at “fatphobia”… cringe

Do you live in the US? I’m pretty sure that is not a parody. It popped up in the articles feed I get when I open up my firefox browser. But I didn’t read it, because I’m smarter than @zecarlo .

I made it halfway through that bitching session masquerading as an article.

Fatphobia is made up. “Infinifat” is another BS term those who don’t want to take responsibility for themselves have made up.

Nobody’s genetics make them morbidly obese.




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I can’t disagree.

Whatever happened to the dude that steals women’s clothing? That guy disappeared with a quickness.

He did. Poof! From Secretary Of Energy or something to the shadows in one news cycle!

I think he was arrested again while awaiting trial for a previous airport luggage panty theft.

The spooky thing about that freakshow was that he has a serial modus operandi. Like one day its airport panties, then in 10 years we’ll be hearing about putting the lotion on the skin.

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He popped up today in the headlines. I think one of his victim’s is suing him:


@Brant_Drake Aliens are real Idk what you’re talking about

TL;DR – Your opinion about wearing masks may be tied to your perceived attractiveness or lack of attractiveness.


How do they get funding to publish this drivel?

There was never any doubt about that. My dad knew that days into the scamdemic.

Your mom is an alien.

I actually am impressed that you migrated that comment to this thread.

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Gotta worry about gendering barbells now, guys. :grinning:


If that happens, they’re going to have to stop using different RX weights for males and females too.

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Umm, can we call it weakling bar and “congratulations you have minimum strength” bar?
Maybe too long…

What if I named my barbells Barbie and Jack? Can I name inanimate objects? Jack has more aggressive knurling and I tend to cuss a lot more when playing with him. Barbie is smooth in the middle and treats me much gentler.


I could think of another female-related word for a bar made for weaker people, but that might be offensive. Okay, it would definitely be offensive.