The Stupid Thread 2 (Part 2)

Exactly what I was thinking.

In my dealings with higher ups at a large company, many of them displayed a lack of empathy for others. These people made a lot of money, but they weren’t even close to nine figures.

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Does he though?

He looks like without fancy deodorants he’d smell like chicken broth. The old Campbell’s stuff.

An apparently poor play on word:

What Is Musk? Musk is a warm subtle scent defined by a complex range of powdery, sweet, woodsy and earthy aroma impressions . Fruity or floral undertones can also be detected depending on the musk.

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Woodsy and earthy sounds like decay and feces.

Only because you’re not nuanced enough to detect the florally fruity undertones.

Sounds way better than “Elon Chickenbroth”.

Unless you put Sir or Lord first.

Damn straight white males. When will they end the enslavement of blacks, give women the right to vote, allow Asians to go to college and stop tossing gay men off of rooftops?

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People talking with their money?

I thought ole Gavin Fruitcake was all for that.

What’s funny is how they want to paint anti LGBTQ as white male extremism yet ignore how many of the illegals they welcome here feel about homosexuality. Mexican soccer is getting pressured by the international community because of their fans chanting puto. Many of the Muslims coming in from Africa and the Middle East are very intolerant as well.

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Increasingly, the “L’s” are getting fed up with the “T’s” as well. And some “G’s” aren’t really buying into the “B’s.” Also, the flag is getting uglier. :smile:


I read a pew research thing on sexuality of the different generations in the US. A crazy number of gen Z girls / women are claiming to be “B’s”. However, when asked about having actually dated other girls / women most had not. The numbers of actual “B’s” if we go by having at least one same sex partner has remained pretty steady.

Just my opinion, but I think it’s mostly some weird virtue signal. The L’s and G’s might be correct.

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Would not be the first time a woman claimed to be into something she wasn’t, in my experience.

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I’m seeing that, too.

For example, I once dated a woman who said that in college she liked to occasionally get drunk and kiss girls at bars (probably 10% because it was titillating and naughty, and 90% because it drove drunk dudes wild). She wasn’t bisexual, never wanted a real relationship with a woman, and is now married to a guy.

BUT if she were a 20-year-old college girl today, I’m sure she’d claim to be something other than heterosexual because it’s the cool thing to do.

That may be why we see those polls about sexuality shifting. For example, gay/lesbian was always about 1-2% of the population. Today it’s higher, but is it really? One side would say that more people are comfortable with coming out, which may be true. The other side would say that these people are lying in polls and surveys because it’s not as cool/progressive to be a plain ol’ straighty-straight.

Rando Fun Fact: The highest rates of domestic violence are among lesbian couples. (I don’t know why.)


I’d guess strait men don’t report much.


They don’t usualy last long as a couple.

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My wife is as disgusted by the thought of anything with another woman as I am of men on men.


Probably a good thing for me too because I am not very pretty.


Get a load of the boys in blue in NSW.

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I think a better argument could be made that doesn’t include nerd logic.