The Stupid Thread 2 (Part 1)

Highlighted for truth.

And the skyrocketing of tuition is why the U.S. has waaaay more colleges than is needed. And why so many kids waste their time and money getting useless degrees from institutions that promote “higher learning” like insert major here that anyone can learn the same stuff with half a brain and some googling.

College sports should exist because it’s the last chance to learn that there are winners and losers in the world, now that our woke society has eliminated the importance of results mattering from the education system.


Are you being deliberately obtuse? I don’t think tax dollars or tuition should go to funding college sports programs. If you’re talking intramural sports, that’s different as they are basically campus based clubs.

Given how much coaches make, I think they are all winners. A team may lose but those who make money still get paid.

Not to de-rail y’all’s conversation, but I saw some stuff about rap from a while ago. My question is what do y’all think about guys like Young Dolph or Nipsey Hustle types, who did some bad stuff coming up but got to the point where they attempted to build where they came from.

For example, Dolph was a known drug dealer, never sold crack because that’s what his parents were addicted to, but he started his own label and started to give checks to local highschools and even handed out turkeys on Thanksgiving in his hood.

God can forgive them but I wouldn’t. If they give most of their money away and live modestly, I might think differently.

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I could care less about the imaginary sky daddy’s forgiveness.

They did what they had to do to survive and succeed.

What about the Rockefellers, Carnegies, Soros, Kennedys?

Most super wealthy families are built on a mountain of bad deeds and death.

Welcome to humanity. Hate the player. Don’t hate the game of humanity.


I thought Dolph had a Fulbright scholarship to MIT, a black belt in kyokushin karate and wasted his early twenties as Grace Jones’ fuckboy.

Oh sorry, wrong Dolph.


You said college sports shouldn’t exist and now you’re pretended to be griping about tax dollars, as if your words aren’t there for everyone to read.

Don’t ever change, zecarlo.


fuck no

Go bunk up with Castoli in the corner of shame for this. You get bottom bunk.


I think your obvious grudge with me has you babbling.

If the idea is that they can be redeemed via doing good, then that good would need to be more than giving away turkeys while living in a mansion paid for in blood.

Did they really, or did they take the easy road?

Pretty sure the mansions was paid for by rap songs. I have never seen a song kill somebody.

Do you take this same line of thoughts with corrupt politicians and preachers that fleece their communities?

I see them as far worse.

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Did his money from crimes get him into position to become a rapper? He couldn’t work at McDonald’s while working on his rap career?

We aren’t talking about politicians but they are more gangster than gangsters.

I highly doubt his crimes got him into a position to become a rapper maybe other than giving him street cred and material for his songs.

So are preachers.

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Man, @zecarlo’s contrarian bullshit is about to overflow the the Stupid Thread.


I think you don’t know what contrarian means. Having a different opinion isn’t it.

You need to pay for studio time. Regardless, he was part of the problem being a scumbag criminal and giving away turkeys doesn’t pay society, let alone his victims back.

No, I’m aware what it is - i just don’t think you’re aware that you are a contrarian (despite having admitted to it in the past).

You argue the exceptions constantly, take counter opinions to fucking everything, and when called on it - you change the argument to something else. In essence, you’re the more effective version of Castoli.

I’m not saying there’s no value in taking contrarian stances, because there is (any society without questioning is doomed), but it’s lacking in content and frankly quite annoying when done constantly. I’m hardly the first person to accuse you of such tendencies.

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