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The Stuart McGill Version of the Single Leg Squat

I just finished reading two of Stuart McGill’s books on back performance and health. One exercise that he likes a lot is the Single-Legged Squat. However, I have not found a video or better guidance on what a single legged squat should look like - a la the McGill version. All of the single legged squat videos I see tend to be about pistol squats or similar, which I don’t think is the idea that McGill is going for. Anyone have an links to good and healthy Single Legged squats?


Not exactly sure, but a bit of Googling came up with Eric Cressey praising a “bowler squat” that he learned from McGill. Could that be it?

(^ Not Eric Cressey himself in the vid, but it’s the same movement)

Thanks for this Chris. I think this looks right. In Stuart McGill’s books he has a few pictures of the Single-Legged Squat and they seem to coincide with the video. The pictures in the book also emphasize the neutral spine and the forward bend from the hips, and those same things are referenced in the video. I had never seen this movement referenced as a bowler squat, so thank you for catching that.