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the strongest shall survive

I was just wondering if anyone here has ever followed this program by Bill Starr? What kind of results did you have? I have begun buying a bunch of books from Iron Mind and this was one of them in my current order.

it is a great book…even if you fdont follow his programs …there is a ton of info to take and learn from the book…its a great one…bm

yes and very good.

I have the first edition from the 70’s. Do you think it has changed at all since then? I can only assume it is the same “big 3” program.

It seems the typically the best programs are the easiest to follow and get the best results - especially when using compound movements. I think alot of kids who start off lifting weights over complicate things and end up screwing themselves over (obvious point I guess) when it’s all said and done. Just an idea - but what if there was a book exchange or something of that sense set up on t-mag to just help spread the knowledge (not just articles but the actual books)? I know personally, If I would have found these books (brookfield,starr etc.) a few years back. I would have stuck to a program (a useful, easy to follow one) rather than buy news stand crap and constantly get mind twisted on the newest way to “get ripped”. It should be more like “give us 6 bucks and you’ll get jipped”. If any young kid just starting out reads this thread just keep in mind, the strongest part of your body should be your mind - muscles come second.