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The Strongest Non-Strength Athletes Ever?

I’m talking about people who don’t compete in throwing, powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding, and strongman yet still have great strength when formally tested. Who are they?

Bob Sapp comes to mind. I don’t know his lifting numbers but the sheer muscle size he managed to have at the time he fought Ernesto Hoost was unreal.

Matt Hughes of UFC was known for his brute strength. And so is Quinton Jackson.

Robert Forstemann, a cyclist, could squat 485 pounds for ten reps.

Now, I don’t know the legitimacy of this but a known Karate champion once said that Bruce Lee was capable of holding a 90-pound barbell on a front lateral raise (both hands) for some seconds. It’s hard to believe because Bruce was tiny, but if you’ve seen his one-inch punch and how he literally hits harder with it than Karate champions who weren’t holding back with their regular power punches, suddenly it becomes believable.

Hugh Jackman had a 455-pound deadlift.

I wonder what guys like a prime Holyfield or a prime Tyson could lift. They were huge…

Rich Froning, a crossfit athlete, has a 365-pound clean+jerk.

The answer you’re looking for is Larry allen. 700lb bench press, ran a 4.85 40yd dash.

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Saquan Barkley can squat 585 for reps and power clean 405.

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Looks like a Clean to me, not a Power Clean. Pretty damn impressive though, he looks pretty light for a Clean that high.

lol… Dude, you know how laymen outside of the gym are. The word “clean” has terrible connotations, not useful when saying it among laymen. We’re sometimes forced to add the word “power” to it so it won’t sound goofy. I hate it, personally, but what can we do? lol

Thanks. He got to Hall of Fame and deserved every bit of it. I just looked him up and it says his squat was 905 pounds. The dude is practically a leaner Mark Henry.

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That was pretty damn impressive considering his size.
I couldn’t imagine being someone who gets hyped up like that, the litter or the bystander dude going wild. Does that make me weird?

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True, it sure is a clean. I don’t know why I didn’t even catch that or think about it.

I have no idea what you call this, but it’s 140kg

If you’re willing to ignore the cheesy music, DeFranco’s guys were on another level

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I think Shot counts as throwing.
As for the DeFranco video - I’m sure he’s a good coach and certainly well known, but nothing all that amazing in any of the lifting in the videos.

What in Gods green earth is that Instagram video of!? Dude wanted shoulder replacement and doc said no so he took matters into his own hands?

I didn’t see anything that stated the weight. But I’m guessing less than 225 based on how thick the bumpers look - I’m going to go with the inside ones being actual 45’s (20kg) as my gauge. Could be a lot less, and it could be a lot less stupid of an exercise. Was Joel Seedman involved here?


My bad, I didn’t read the “no throwers” bit

He said “140” on the post. Since he’s German Im gonna guess he meant kilograms, not pounds.

I’m guessing it’s a special strength exercise for javelin (that guy is a world record holder). To be fair, compared to the magnitudes of forces across the shoulder in javelin, that actually seems fairly reasonable :joy:

Compared to dedicated lifters, sure, but these guys are also running 4.5-5.0s 40 yard dashes, which most 600-700lb trap bar deadlifters wouldn’t be able to handle

I’d give it a zero percent chance of being 140kg. Unless those aren’t actually bumpers and just look like bumpers.

I honestly don’t know, but I know that I had a stupid fast 40, but not a fast 100m. Right now they are probably both slow, but guys that lift heavy can be remarkably fast over short distance. Ben Johnson did reps with 600lbs in the squat in training.


Looks like 1 45lb and 3 25lb plates? Or you saying just moving that much weight is what makes it fake?

Very true, acceleration is all about force

Which is not 140kg. The way he’s doing it, not actually that big of a deal except for the possibility of injury if you miss the groove a little. I have done regular Nose Breakers (When did we stop calling it Lying French Curl?) with similar amounts in my life, so not anythiong stupendous.

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Looks like a 20kg, 2 x 15kg and a 10kg to me.

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I had about 5 guesses as to what this was from the thumbnail and I was waaaay off with all of them haha

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Got a good chuckle out of me here.

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