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The Strongest Man Alive?


Sorry if this has been posted already...not sure of the date on this, but is THIS the all time RAW total?

Konstantine has to be mentioned when talking about the all time strongest in the iron game.


Yes, that is the world record raw total without the use of Knee wraps. Konsti holds the record at both 275 and 308lbs (2171 for both).
With knee wraps the records are held by Jon Cole. Set all the way back in 1972!
275 2,259 Jon Cole USA 1972
308 2,364 Jon Cole USA 1972


Konstantinovs is one of the most amazing athletes alive imo. Incredibly powerful, fast....has anyone sen his 55 pullups video? That guy is badass period. Also, I love how he casually lifts exorbitant amounts of weight in the deadlift without belt or anything as if its a normal everyday thing.


stan efferding's 2221 in 275 is the all time record.


2221 > 2259?


Dunno ...


I know Benni Magnusson did 2297 RAW the other day in Finland


What's the difference between RAW and raw? :wink:


It's RAW if you total more than 2000lbs


RAW = no knee wraps
raw = knee wraps
RRAAAWWWW = naked and drunk

Benni Magnusson 2297 would have been at SHW, so I would guess that Don Reinhoudt's records with and without knee wraps still stand.

No knee wraps
SHW 2,298 Don Reinhoudt USA 1974

Knee wraps
SHW 2,391 Don Reinhoudt USA 1975




Kinda of an off the point question but when did the 275 and 308 weight divisons get added? I thought in 72 it still went from 242 to SHW?


not sure when...but there has been a 275 class for a LONG time, and more recently (last 10 years maybe?) there has been a 308.


No 308 in the IPF, though.
Which is unfortunate, because they just changed the superheavyweight class from 125kg+ to 120kg+. If I gain a few pounds, I'll be at the bottom of the supers, which is a definite disadvantage.