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The Strong Ninja Warrior


Thanks man! I got strong by actually listening to the advice all you guys have given on this forum and not missing days in the gym. My nutrition is shit (under eat all the time), my sleep is shit, my stress level is always high lol, but I don’t miss days in the gym anymore. That and taking principles of 531 I’ve done pretty well.


Are these the total reps or the Paul Carter method?


It’s the Paul Carter method. Going to use this as my assistance for my 50 rep things. Something different than what I’m use to.

No fucking way I would ever do 350 back raises lol.


I was gonna say, lol. I like the 350 method a lot, nice choice!


@The_Mighty_Stu @EyeDentist

Guys I figure you might be the right people to ask on this forum. This has to do with nutrition and macros. So I am in a gaining muscle mass stage right now. I’m 32, 5’7, and 178 with visible abs.

I’m getting to know my body and know I can’t handle high fats or really high protein. I can do with higher carb but not like 350+ grams a day.

What options do I have in terms of playing with my macros. I notice my optimal feeling is when carbs sit around 200-300g a day. I’m aiming to eat 3000 clean calories a day consistently.

Based on this what should my macros be around? I can easily eat 100g of fat, but once it gets over like 120 I start to feel sick so 110ish seems the high end of what I can handle.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!


3000 cals/d @ 180# is 16-17 cals/lb/d. Which is a reasonable starting point, but don’t be surprised if you need to ramp the cals up a bit to gain weight.

As for macros:

Set protein @1 g/lb, round up to 200 g/d. = 800 cals. 2200 cals to go…
Set fat at 100 g/d. = 900 cals. 1300 cals to go…
1300/4 = 325 g/d of carbs–not too far above your optimum of 300, and below the verboten 350.

Note that you can tweak this by increasing fat while decreasing (on a cal-for-cal basis) carbs.

Interested to see what Stu says.


Thanks for the breakdown man. g/d means grams per day correct?

So just to clarify what you are saying, based on what I asked you think my macros should roughly look like:

for 3000 clean cals

If I wanted to I could go:

to up the fats and lower the carbs a bit.


Yup (although that much fat is above the level you said made you feel sick).


So I guess based on that I had one more question.

I’ve heard that high fat + high carb = no good. Based on how I’ve eaten the last week I’ve averaged:

~2800 cals

If I wanted to cap my carbs at 250 and my protein at like 180 where would my fats end up to hit 3000 cals minimum?

Are there some go to formulas you recommend so I can mess around with some numbers? I appreciate the feed back man!


I agree high fat high carb is an issue, but you can intake high carb and high fats in the same day. Just don’t mix the two.

High fat+ protein meal (breakfast)

High carb+ protein (lunch-7:00pm)

High carb + high fat (NEVER) ok maybe seldom like cake or cookies

My mom follows a diet that does this sort of thing mixing either fat or carb with protein intake. But limiting the combination of fats with carbs.

Basically the theory is that when both fuel sources are present the body utilizes the carbs and stores the fats or vice versa.


See my issue is I combine high fat/protein/carbs all into one meal lol

Like for lunch today I had:

1lb cooked chicken breast
1 avocado
1 large russet potato
2 crowns of broccoli
2 tbsp of peanut butter

I really want to cap my carb intake at around 300. Eating clean and high calorie is tough man lol. But fats are much easier to get the high cal in. Problem is my body deosnt’ do well with high fat. Based on putting my food in at eatthismuch.com ~120g fat is the high end of what I can do before I start not feeling good. And when I mean not feeling good it’s not from feeling full. It’s just I don’t feel good in my gut lol. Makes me feel so sluggish.


There’s little good evidence to support the notion that mixing macros has any significant effect on how the calories are utilized.

Not formulas, but some guidelines:
*Keep protein intake adequate. Opinions vary, but somewhere around 1 g/lb/d is probably sufficient. I wouldn’t recommend going over 240 g/d. (Got that number from John Meadows himself.)
*Keep (healthy) fat intake adequate. Again, opinions vary, but the minimum (more is fine) is probably in the 40-50 g range.
*Figure out what your maintenance cals number is, and use it to determine your caloric needs. If you’re cutting, eat maintenance minus 500. Looking to lean-gain, maintenance plus 500. Want to maintain…duh.
*Once you know your caloric goal, subtract your protein cals and obligatory fat cals. The remainder is what needs to be made up.
*These ‘remainder cals’ can be made of anything you want–protein, fat or carbs. Personally, I’m a fan of including carbs in centripetal fashion around the day’s lifting session.


Sorry, late to the party,…

you mentioned that you can’t do high protein? I’m curious how you came to that conclusion.

I understand when someone says they can’t handle higher carbs, because with the variance in insulin sensitivity, it makes sense… fats,…well, they have a direct effect on hormones, and slow digestion, so sometimes I can understand if someone mentioned being unable to handle high intake (although I still might argue a bit)…

high protein intake usually results in either fat storage (if over required calories) or conversion into carbohydrates (if carb intake is lower than the body requires),… but both scenarios are easily addressed with a solid total plan.



I wasn’t talking about mixing in a meal. I meant I’ve heard that high fat + high carbs (like if you eat 300g carb and 200g fat) is no bueno.

I would love to be able to only eat carbs before/after workouts and saturdays. Idk how that fits into a weekly plan though because I’ve never tried anything like that.

Thank you so much man. I really appreciate it!

Thanks for the input! So I came this conclusion because anytime I have over ~200g protein I just start to feel like shit. I can’t say it’s because of the protein specifically, but I’ve noticed feeling a certain way on days of high protein (i usually eat 130-180g daily).

So I’m a big less meals bigger meals guy. It’s worked well for me so far. How’s this for a basic plan?

Carbs - 100g
Protein - 50g
Fat - 50g
Veggies - unlimited

Carbs - 50g (fruits)
Protein - 50g
Fats - 50g
Veggies - unlimited

Carbs - 150g
Protein - 75g
Fat - 10g
Veggies - unlimited

300g carbs
175g protein
110g fat

Sorry for all the questions but I’m generally curious on the nutrition side of things.


No es no bueno. Es bien.

Give it a whirl, then.


FRONT SQUAT (ss: NG Chin-Ups 5x12)

OH Press (ss: Pendlay Row 5x8)

Push Ups - 100
Face Pulls - 100
Split Squat - 350
Ab Wheel - 350
Calves (FINALLY!!!) - 100

6 Sprints


I have so much respect for you bodybuilders. You guys have nutrition down to a science!

Nutrition (eating well and within parameters) is the hardest fucking thing when it comes to training.

Going to the gym and busting ass when you don’t want to is the easy part lol.



Things don’t work otherwise -lol.

Knowing what variables to push, pull or press when an individual client is x many weeks out, with a so and so insulin sensitivity, and a recovery that allows you to do so much cardio before training and muscle retention is hampered,… well, that’s why you see people hiring the same few name coaches repeatedly (and I’ll gladly toot my own horn for a change because there’s a reason why so many trainers and especially competitors from this very site always Come to me :yum:)



You gotta keep in mind this advice is basically “if you eat high fat and high carbs with high protein, you’ll get fat”, which boiled down even further is “if you eat too much food, you’ll get fat”.

It’s why I eat a high fat/low carb diet, because the alternative is simply called “obesity”

Beyond that, I have nothing to contribute to the topic, but just thought I’d share some perspective.


You know a thing or two @T3hPwnisher :slight_smile: (this is said with a blink in the eye)

When peeps asks me how to train to lose fat, I say eat less.