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The Stripper FAQ


Found the following at http://www.stripper-faq.org. Pretty self-explanatory what the site is about. Funny thing... the diet and exercise advice there was better than you find in most muscle mags, especially ones designed for women.

[i]The most effective weight training exercises for woman are squats, lunges and stiff-leg or sumo deadlifts. None of these lifts should be done on machines- free weights only. Machines are no where near as effective. Train heavy and train hard. Yoga and dancing are both very catabolic activities (they break down muscle tissue) you will not get bulky.

I use the following:
Squats 3 sets of 20 reps, 120 seconds rest between sets.
Stiff-leg deadlifts 3 sets of 10 reps, 120 seconds rest between sets.
Rest 5 minutes
Dumbbell lunges 4 sets of 12 reps, 90 seconds rest between sets
Hanging crunches 4 sets 90 seconds rest between sets

The squats should be to failure, it should be VERY hard to hit 20. Like having a baby hard. Squats will make a bigger change in your physique then anything else. When you do your yoga and running do it in the morning on an empty stomach. If you have a real fat problem an hour of running or jump rope a day before breakfast with a low/no carb diet can take of a lot of fat in a short period of time.


Different diets work for different people. Regardless of what you choose it has to be something you can stay on permanently. You can't just diet when you think your getting fat, as a dancer you have to maintain a consistantly low level of bodyfat. For me carbs are the problem. The only real carb heavy meal I eat is breakfast, I usually have a bowl of cereal or hot oatmeal. Then with lunch slightly less, usually just a sandwich with some whole wheat bread. For dinner almost none, a very small scoop of rice or vegetables with a small steak or chicken breast. I avoid salad, pasta and other high-carb meals. I occasionally eat fried chicken or hamburgers, I just keep the portions very small and try to eat it early in the day. Avoid low-fat foods or at least read the labels carefully, they tend to have a lot of sugar and nothing gets you fat faster than sugar- not even fat. I also try and break my meals down into several small ones. If it's a sandwich or something I eat one half then and one half an hour or two later- this helps you metabolize your food better. [/i]


This has already been talked about.


Another stripper fact is that if you name your daughter 'Chantel', she'll grow up to be a stripper.

\|/ 3Toes


Yeah, it's a repost, but I don't think it's actually possible to talk about strippers too much.

Dan "Unless they're male strippers" McVicker


True. Well, no upper-body mentioned. Could just be a little glimpse into what that woman does though. But I'm not surprised that strippers are more enlightened about the best way to train. After all some the hotter ones have some of the best bodies around.


I knew a guy who ran a place called Classy Strippers and he basically stripped furniture down and doors. The amount of calls he got where people did not make it past the Strippers bit and the phone number in the yellow pages and did not read the bit about doors and furniture was amazing.




The same apparently goes for "Diamond", "Cinnamon", and "Candy".


don't foprget about Porsche, Lexus, Tiffany, and Angeligue.

However you will never go to a club and hear

"coming to the main stage, the exotic Bertha, MArtha, Maybelle, and Condaleeza."


Ive seen girls get into fantastic shape by just doin deads..Crazy, what even a small amount of weight training will do.


That's 'cause Bertha changed her name to "Muffy" and Condoleeza changed her name to "Cookie".


Don't forget "Sierra", "Destiny", and "Porsche".

I love strippers, they're all so friendly :slight_smile:


I wonder how well-paid male strippers are. Something to think about for when I move out. o.o


yeah you do that dude...you do that.


Let's not forget Lollypop!


In the book "Freakanomics" there was a chapter devoted to the correlation between the popularity of names, the years of education of the mother, and general socioeconomic status. As one would expect, the bottom of the list read like a who's who of your local strip club.


Not as well paid as you'd think. I worked for one and never saw anyone walk out with more than a couple hundred bucks, but they all [I mean everyone of them]claimed they were pullin at least a g nightly. And they're all cake as fuck.


It's an, uhhh...experience, to say the least.


The ones I knew were pretty clueless about working out and nutrition.

Most of their training was their actual dancing, lack of food and for some, cocaine (unfortunately).

I had a good friend who stopped dancing a couple of times, and every time she stopped she would gain fat and start to get out of shape (not real bad, but noticeable).

Every time she went back to dancing, she got back in shape pretty quickly.

I think genetics help a little too.

Maybe I just haven't been to a classy enough strip club to see the type of stripper who works out...