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The Story on NPR


Don't know if there's any NPR fans on here, but I heard this engaging interview on the radio today. I invite you to take a listen.

It's actually two interviews, and the one I'm talking about starts a little after halfway into the sound clip. The guy with the sandy voice.

"Robert Johnson knows what it's like to make sacrifices when times are tough. He learned from his father. During the Depression, Robert's father was out of work and couldn't feed his family. So he put himself in the boxing ring with a professional fighter who weighted 40 pounds more than he did. If Robert's dad could last through the sixth round, he'd win $25. Robert was eight years old at the time, and he positioned himself in the corner of the ring, ready to assist between rounds. Robert talks with Dick about the fight that taught him how much his dad really cared."


I listen to Fresh Air almost daily.
Good interviews.


My mom got me into NPR they talk alot about food and current culinary topics which i like


"From NPR news in Washington, I'm Carl Castle"

Castle's voice is soooooooo "newsy" to me. If there were ever a world disaster crisis, he should be the news guy narrating it. It would put me at ease.


So true! Nobody else sounds like him. Nobody.


That was really interesting. I've never heard of that radio show, I'll have to look up some more of it.