The Story of Cerebral Palsy Athlete Craig Koonce

Craig Koonce was born with a defect in his brain that causes his muscles to contract uncontrollably. Although he is disabled, he doesn’t see himself as handicapped. And neither should we. Nothing will stop Craig from realizing his goals.

This is an inspiring story about the power of the mind. (9 minutes long)

Thanks for sharing mike. It’s always nice to see stories like this, because it helps me appreciate what i have and spurs me to go harder in my own physical pursuits.

Man, i always end up crying, these inspirational storys are the best thing to motivate anyone.

That’s a great story, thank you for sharing. Definitely makes you appreciate what you have.

I’ve seen this story last week, i’ve cried a lot. It’s a gutsy story.

It motivated me to help people the best way i can.