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The Stonewall Gin Club For Ghey Men


Because we've been booted out of the Whiskey thread, this thread is about gin and gin related drinks.

What's the best gin to drink straight?

What's the best gin for martini's?

Who makes the best overall gin?

I'll start. What's the best gin for gin & tonics? I'm partial to Bombay Blue, but I've heard that Tangaray 10 is good as well. Please discuss.


<---- Gin guy

The best gin I've had is Tangueray 10. I like it straight, but I usually make G&T's with it. I get Schweppes tonic water in those little glass bottles. If you get them in the smaller bottles you don't have to worry about the tonic water going flat from having a larger bottle opened for a while before you go through it all. I always use a lime wedge, not lemon, and plenty of ice.


Booted? Nah mang...we left on our own. Those whiskey guys are ghey!

Best gin to drink straight? to be honest...I don't usually drink it straight...

Best gin for martinis? I've been drinking Catoctin Creek Watershed. It's good stuff and made in Virginia which is rigth down 95 from me.

Best overall gin? I'll go with Beefeater or Boodles. Basic good gins that were considerd Top Shelf 20 years ago and are still a good price.


Tip on the larger bottles. And this obviously goes for any soda:

Plan ahead, purchase and refrigerate it a day before you open it. The gas will be chilled and won't expand and escape near as much when you open it. This way it will keep for close to two days longer.

Tanqueray Rangpur gets my vote. But really any gin will do. (Is it OK that I love whisky too?)


Get out of here with the Whiskey talk. Go start your own thread.


: (


Is it wrong that I actually like Gordon's? It's what stays in my freezer.

When I'm out, it's usually Tanqueray 10 or Bombay Sapphire, if they have it.

I really only drink gin mixed. Usually mixed strong, but never straight.

A few weeks ago I had one of the North Shore Distillery gins in an Aviation Cocktail while in Chicago. I can't remember which one it was though (#6 or #11), but that was one of the more "interesting" gins I've had. It added some nice complexity.


that is what happened in the Whiskey thread. that is why this thread is now here.


Ahh, so, no reason to be better than that, I guess. Carry on, Ghey Men.


Homemade sloe gin ftw!


Hey pal, you need to take that high hat and go drop a pink pop tart on the street when we clear out.

Why don't you go start a Whiskey AND Gin thread to bring us all together for kum bai ya moments? That's right...I'm calling you out...are you man enough to unite whiskey and gin drinkers (not including Lanky Mo Fo as he is downright mean) ?!!??

Why not call it Cueball's Hard Spirits For All thread? Huh? C'mon Neo.


Are all you (exclusive) gin drinkers smart asses?

I have no interest in playing moderator between assholes and smart-asses in a shitstorm thread about two things I love. Y'all would ruin any enjoyment I would get from discussing it. Apparently just like you were ruining the Whisky thread. I can see now why your asses got tossed.


Why would you need anything other than Bombay Sapphire?


For a Negroni. Sapphire doesn't seem to play well with the Campari, imo.


Guys I think we've been invaded by trolls from a foppish dandy Noel Coward fan site like that time we did the quilting board and the Star Trek one.


on the rocks or shaken in a martini glass with a twist of orange peel.


If I'm having a martini I've had nothing I prefer more than Bombay Sapphire. Never had a Negroni, I'll have to try it. My drink of choice is gin and water with lemon and I become less interested in the brand of gin in that situation. I've never understood mixing expensive booze with things, especially juice and soda.


That is what I was drinking the first time I got drunk. I was reading the Rogue Warrior books at the time and Dick Marcinko talks about it all the time; so I got my dad's bottle and just started downing glasses.

That didn't end well. Didn't get caught though.


Lighten up Francis