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The Stick Vs. ART

I have been having elbow and knee problems for a couple years and earlier this year went to an ART provider for my elbows. I feel that what he did help. However, I really don’t want to continue going to him. Everytime I have an appointment at 5:00 for example, he doesn’t actually get around to seing me till 6:30 or later. It doesn’t matter what time of day the appointment is, I seem to wait around a hour and a half.

So I was wondering if anyone thought using the stick would be a sufficient substitute?

it’s worth trying would be a logical answer. You probably already knew that. if that does not work then you can always schedule for art and show up late. unless it’s on a first come first serve basis which would suck. If that’s the case then bring some good reading material along. :slight_smile: laters pk

It actually is on a first come first serve basis. So even if I show up late, it won’t save me time.

Having only one ART provider in your area sucks!!!