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The Stick Massage Tool


Hello, I wonder if anyone has any experience using this massage tool "The Stick" as seen here


I think it sounds good, but it is expensive, especially in the UK, and I do not want to spend the money on it and discover it is just a stupid rolling plastic thingy and not much better than a PVC pipe. It is around US$50 over here so ... I would feel a right fool if it turned out to be useless.

Now, I have a few massage tools already and they are good for what they are, but recently I got a foam roller and am very pleased. I was hesitant at first thinking it was just a stupid piece of foam, I had tried mechanical massagers, PVC pipe etc.. with some success, but finally bit the bullet and got a foam roller. Holy Smoly, what a great thing, I never would have heard of it if it were not for T-Nation, every person ALIVE should have one of these, and then, they should be buried with them.

It fixed problems I never knew I had, and it found problems I now cannot fix. Deep knots in calves etc.. and other places, so I wonder if the stick is any good for those.

Is The Stick wroth buying? Anyone used it? Is it good through thick muscle mass, for deep work? What size and strength is best? Alternatives?

I have searched on the net but suspect a lot of reviews are bias. T-Nationers though, I'd trust as they pull no punches praising or condemning it.



I like the stick but don't own one because they are expensive. If you want the same exact thing, you can buy a wooden rolling pin for 5-10 bucks. You could also try rolling your calves on a lacrosse or tennis ball.


I like using it on my adductors and calves because it can be tough to work on those areas with PVC or a foam roller.


I have one that I got for free from my old job. It's awesome. A lot easier to use on quads, and calves than foam rolling.


The PVC pipe I have used is similar to a rolling pin, and just does not do the trick. Neither does a tennis ball, small medicine balls, mechanical massagers or things like the nobbler. What I am wondering is whether the "striping" massage of the stick is any good, somehow.

Doug Adams, that is what I was thinking, the foam roller is hard to work on the calves, hard to get enough weight on them on the roller also it is maybe a bit too thick? soft? who knows. do you find it works well? what are the little rolling things on it, are they circular in cross section or more like cams, like in a car engine, that rotate off centre and hit the muscle at different times?


You know, now that I think of it, I realise it is the weight on the calves when foam rolling that makes it hard ... I mean, it is just my lower leg on the roller, that is hardly any weight really. this stick might be very useful.


I never took a close look at it, but the rollers seem to be circular. The big advantage is being able to dig in and put pressue on areas that a roller doesn't hit as well. The bar has some flex to it too, sort of contorting to the shape of the area you're working on. I really like it.


Yeah The Stick is awesome. What I generally do, if I'm not lazy, is:

Lax ball: feet, piriformis, infraspinatus while internal rotation (I think that's the muscle).

the Stick: calves/peroneals, quads, adductors

Foam roll: T-spine stuff, rhomboids, lower back, pecs, lats, quads, IT band

The stick feels like it works the best. The adductors are painful!


Thanks PB Andy, that sounds like just about what I am thinking ... the stick is the thing missing, and I think it could be a good thing to have. I have not got a lax ball but a small spikey roller thing that looks like a dogs' toy, it is quite good on the feet.

I think I will get the stick and report back.

Foam rollers - essential. It makes my vertebrae move and pop (in a good way) and I think it gives me a better night sleep. I also find it great for forearms, leaning on it like a pushup and rolling, and triceps if upside down and pressing them down. Not perfect but quite good.

Why can our bodies not simply work properly without all this maintenance?!?!?


I've got a Stick, Foam Roller, and use a LAX/Spiky Ball.

Skip the Stick. You can get adductors easy with a Foam Roller, and calves/peroneals with a LAX ball.

That video plus http://www.robertsontrainingsystems.com/downloads/SMR-manual.pdf

will show you everything you need to know in regards to SMR


I trained with some handy strongman competitors who took a wood peg, slid two inch cuts of pvc pipe over most of the peg and then clamped it down on ends. worked great, much cheaper.


I love the tiger tail less expensive than this one...


Hmmm I may ask for this for Xmas


Rolling Pin!!!!!!!!!



Build your own stick for $10


For another alternative:


Something else cheap and easy to make. I use this for my lower back all the time, but I lean up against the wall and kind of wiggle back and forth.


Thanks all, I do not think I will get The Stick, it is probably quite good but really just a bendy rolling pin, and not what I imagined - see, I thought the rollers were like cams, like the cams in a car engine, so when it rolled it would be hitting the muscle in different ways with each little section. Maybe I have invented something, I do not know.

Cressey is great