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The Stem Cell Institute


Interesting work done in Panama with adult stem cells. I do not currently have a link o their peer reviewed studies yet. So you can believe -like countingbeans- that it isn't true. The doctors and patients are all lying.


Try typing Medistem into PubMed


I don't get the point of this. So they're doing research. Good for them.


Well, considering I have had multiple procedures with Mesenchymal stem cells, I am not impressed AT ALL with stim cell research. intervertebral disc, spinal ligaments (pll and others), 2 different tendons. Whole lotta nada.

Everyone thinks they can just inject them and they will do whatever we want. I am living proof that is not true.

hate to break it to you, but it dont work.


This is so true and such a misunderstanding its not even close to humorous :frowning:


It's unfortunate for you but according to some of the folks interviewed on their YouTube channel it has done wonders. Where did you get the procedure done and when? What type of MS do you have?


No they are not just doing research they are treating people. This is real and should be available in the U.S. for an alternative treatment but is not offered mainstream.