The State of "TRT" Clinics Today (?)

Yes. Oh well. I was interested in genuinely discussing the pros/cons of the offerings in a generic way without mentioning any particular place. Thanks for your feedback.

I edited so as not to mention the company. I don’t think that is against the rules here, but don’t need a scolding from Colucci. I also think most men looking for a TRT clinic are more interested in finding one of the more how do I put it “liberal” ones.


Absolutely, that’s why I wasn’t mentioning names as I’m not trying to draw attention to any particular one or narc them, not because of any forum issue. I really couldn’t comprehend any clinic doing oxandrolone or nandrolone via telemedicine until I read about it. So these forums really bring about what options are out there.

It’s like they say, “if it’s too good to be true…”

Idk why any of this is shocking. Just like every other professional fields you have business’s that are very legitimate and cut and dry on what they offer and then you have some less desirables pushing the envelope of right/wrong and millions in between.

There are great, good, mediocre, bad, and horrible business’s in every single thing you could possibly imagine. If it costs money you will find these.

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More satire than anything else but it’s a nice PSA for folks in terms of state of the TRT world.

You know the old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is”?

This kind of seems the case here. When I’ve looked at pharm grade GH at other websites, even the Eastern European ones, the prices are pretty expensive for GH. Be careful.


I’m big on hobbies and forums (or Atleast used to be). I always got a laugh around my birthday when I’d get 30 emails from different forums wishing me a happy birthday. All of those places had one thing in common: lots of “I can’t believe X is charging/doing that! That’s wild/crazy/stupid! How are they getting away with that!?” Every. Single. One.


I have a consult next Wednesday with a clinic offering 180iu kits for $450. I’m skeptical lol

Sorry, was multi-tasking and @mnben87 mnben87 fixed it for me. Your “offer” an even better deal !! :slight_smile:

Even that is really cheap.

Yep, that’s why I’m skeptical. GH that cheap is surprising

That’s ridiculously cheap. I’m getting an offer for $100 for 15iu (5ml vial) of supposed brand pharma GH with a script, and even at that price all this talk of fake GH is starting to worry me…

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Mine will include a script, but I doubt it’ll be a brand name version. Guessing it’ll be from a compounding lab.

Every place I’ve called about “real” HGH either says it’s illegal to Rx it or it’s $5000

Yeah, technically GH is illegal to prescribe off-label, specifically for anti-aging purposes, but some docs will still do it.

Compounding pharmacies carry and sell GH made by the biggest manufacturers, but I don’t know about GH made in a compounding lab directly. I know one of the main compounding pharmas doesn’t make their own GH, the guy on the phone told me they can’t, but they still carry a few of the major brands (essentially as a reseller).

I’m not sure about GH actually made in a compounding lab, I don’t know that they’re held to the same standards as big pharma companies, but they might and it’ll probably be a lot safer than most UGL stuff.

But the price they quoted you sounds really crazy, that’s less than $3/iu. I’m sure you will but I would ask for a lot of details when you have that consult.

My exact concern. Guess I’ll see what brand they offer when they call me.

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Damn, I’ll be checking that place out next time I go to the USA.

I now have the names of three clinics. One prescribes nandrolone, testosterone, oxymetholone, stanozolol and oxandrolone. Another prescribes testosterone and oxandrolone and you guys have listed another!

All three happen to be based in Florida… One clinic was prescribing insane dosages (like 500mg test 500mg deca 50mg anadrol/day). I’d never undertake a blast of that calibre, I’d be looking for something like 200mg test 25mg/day anadrol wks 1/4, 200mg test wks 4-8, 200mg test 25mg Anavar wks 8-12

Still enough to cause problems down the line, but within an acute context I’d feel great as opposed to the higher dosages wherein I’d likely feel “run down”.

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That’s crazy (re: 500 Test 500 Deca). My clinic prescribed 50mg/day Anavar and I thought that was insane. Still do actually, but I know they wouldn’t prescribe 500mg of Test.

It’s turning out that if you shop around you can really get pretty much anything you want prescribed. The only thing missing at this point for me would be Primo. I’d love to get a script for that shit but I haven’t seen it anywhere and I don’t think it’s legally prescribable at all in the US.

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All of this is purely for information purposes. The joy is in the journey not the destination so we just want to know what’s out there and know not to use it. Just fun to know it is available.

Totally unrelated topic :slight_smile: , I’ve been told Tampa has wonderful weather and such a fun city. Great beaches from what I hear. All the sun and pharma must really accelerate oxidation.

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Tampa is IMO the best city in FL. It is very pretty (lots of big bridges over water). It isn’t all old people like the rest of Florida either (the median age is around 35). They even have a free trolley. The biggest downsides are it is in Florida, and the scientologists.