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The Standing Rock Sioux


I’ve been seeing some posts, videos, and Social Justice Warrior drum beating the last few days related to a protest about a pipeline. To get it to go viral they said that people need to check in on facebook to “overwhelm and confuse” the authorities.


Even though it doesn’t appear to be doing much (got it to go viral though)

Anybody seen read about this? I find it to be similar to most SJW campaigns. Light on the facts, but as long as it is against THE MAN (this case the culprit is big oil), it is justified. Am I reading the situation wrong?


Ive been keeping an eye on it. I think most people who are checking in on social media understand that they are just showing solidarity with the cause, not really “confusing authorities” as they say. I think people have a general idea that the indigenous people of the area might be mistreated in this situation, but the facts are hazy at best. It does kind of reek of a trendy SJW faux cause to get people to feel like they are doing something helpful.

I read an interesting piece where a member of the local tribe was interviewed. He said the locals have known about this project for about 2 years and very few actually showed up to community meetings to vent displeasure with the arrangement. He says people have showed up from all corners of the globe to protest on their behalf but have basically been nothing but a nuisance to their community. Have a read:

I don’t feel this is an issue I can take a firm stand on being that the facts are pretty hazy. The actual demonstrations are garnering MUCH more attention than the preceding facts and circumstances.


I agree, and its against big bad oil, which is always a good SJW fight. Although it does ignore that a pipeline is a safer way to transfer goods… but I digress.

I think that is fairly common for a lot of the national protests that have sprung up. Like the PC Police in South Park (it’s my avatar, gotta give a shout out), they’re more hurt about the cause/offensiveness than the person affected.

I agree, which is why I’m posting here. Maybe somebody knows some more, but I approach this stuff with strong skepticism. The fact that protesters are also making up fake stories about things the police have done makes me think they’re even more emotional and irrational.


Same here. I figure they are out there for “the cause.” It wouldn’t matter if the tribe sold the land or leased for the construction of the pipeline, people would still be acting like it is a travesty.

Side note, I love seeing all these people protesting an oil pipeline and driving to the protest in their gas powered cars.


The construction is taking place off of tribal lands. The Sioux have a legitimate “Not in My Backyard” attitude. The pipeline will cross the river, upstream from their Reservation. Any mess will have an immediate impact, direct on them.

The oil company owns the land, has the permits and they gave what they felt was proper notice to the Sioux.

The protesters are all trespassing, the cops are caught in the middle.


I’ll take energy independence over whining. Arrest them and move on with it. The protestors are the ones breaking the law.


There are now salaried positions on sites like monster.com for being a full time protestor. The employer is the open society foundation. It pays pretty well at $65k/yr. travel is mandatory.

As a full time protestor you will get a set of tshirts ranging from ‘black lives matter’ to ‘fuck trump’ and ‘we are the 99%’.

George soros you magnificent bastard. I know its legal to protest, but is it legal to pay someone to protest?


AFAIK, it’s illegal to cross state lines to incite a riot.


All I can say is, thank god I only have to see this shit on the news and not in real life. God bless America.


Found this interesting testimonial to what is going on, obviously from the police perspective:

ends with:
"We are a nation of laws. Emotion and empathy cannot carry the day. It just seems that opposition to this pipeline is not reasonably based upon legitimate environmental concerns. Energy independence has been one of the major goals of this country for decades. In my home state of Louisiana, we are surrounded by gas and oil pipelines and safely so. In another ironic twist, it is widely known that the Standing Rock Tribal Chairman owns a convenience store and gasoline station on the reservation.

It’s time for everyone to move on in reference to The Dakota Access Pipeline and stop putting further strain on the citizens and law enforcement officers of North Dakota and surrounding states."


Ran into this gem.