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The Stagnation Situation

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone else has found themselves in this situation before.

Lately I’ve been feeling like my form during certain exercises isn’t up to par (eg. hips shooting up too early in DL and feeling dumbbell rows in lower back), so I’ve been dropping weight in order to work on better form, but now I feel like I’m going backwards in my training.

I’ve read this site religiously since the day I found it and despite the huge amounts of information I’ve found, I haven’t found one relating to this.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Take a few days off and fully recharge. When you need it, there’s nothing better than a few days of solid rest (so long as it’s not over-done too frequently).

  2. Make sure you are eating enough including enough protein (there should be an upward trend in bodyweight over the months)

  3. Slowly build back up again (maybe bit more volume to compensate for dropped intensity, then lower as intensity builds back up again)


So do you think it is over training? OR, are you just bored as hell in the weight room?

These things are treated differently.

For instance, if it is over training do as Its_Just_Me recommends and take some time off and make sure your eating enough.

If it is boredom and you are spinning your wheels you need to set new goals. If you have been lifting for size try shooting for PR’s or vise-versa. Set new goals to keep yourself focused or bet a friend who can bench, squat, and pull the most. Or bet a friend, who can lose the most fat. Get the idea? goals or wagers make thing more interesting. For me at least…

I think I may take a few days off given the Christmas is just around the corner.
It’s definitely not overtraining though.
I have been experimenting a lot lately so maybe I’m finding I have too many paths to go down.
I’m seeing a trainer soon who should be able to help.

If he doesn’t help, I’ll definitely use your suggestions.

Thanks for the input guys