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The Squat Thread


I love Squats. Today I did 3 x 10 on Squats for the first time in ages (I usually do sets of 5). The last set I cranked out 12 reps. I felt like I was going to die.
Being under the bar and gruesomely repping out a set of Squats was the most amazing feeling I have ever felt.

I think Squats and Deadlifts are two very different beasts.

When you Deadlift, it's like you are ripping your soul free from the chains of the world - and at the end of the final rep of that last set you pause for a second at the top, relishing for a moment your conquest like an explorer scaling an immense mountain.

But when you Squat, It's entirely different. You are not above the world, tearing the bar against the pull of the earth, your head up to the heavens. Instead, you are in the mud, wrestling with the bull on your BACK, pushing you DOWN, into the ground, to death and humiliation. The weight tells you to stay down, to give in, to let the bull defeat you. But you don't. You fight on, pushing against the weight, the bull, your own demons. Every time you descend for another rep, you think to yourself "Am I going to make it? Will the weight crush me, or will it yield?".

It yields.

In several months I want to devote a sunday to a 20-rep Squat session. Most sundays I have the gym almost entirely to myself, so It's perfect. It will be like a ritual, homage to this great exercise that anneals the soul and body.

God I love the Squat. Share your passion for this great exercise on this thread. Also you can post some of your Squating accomplishments that you are proud of.

Long live the Squat.


Just my thoughts.


Ow, and yeah, squats are cool.

P.S. On second thought, are you sure about the 20 rep sets? Always good to slip a high-rep workout in the strength routine once in a month, just I won't go with this range


HAHAHAHA this is like something straight out of the Animal-Pak forums, I swear.


Does noone have the admiration and respect that this wonderful exercise deserves?


Of course, we just lack a similar admiration and respect for your prose.


Doing Squats is kind of like being in an exclusive club of people who "get it." Out of the thousands of people who go to your college, or hundreds of people who go to your gym or high school, there's only a handful of people who squat: a dozen at the very most.

It's kind of like understanding why Budweiser is a bad beverage, or why coke from a glass bottle taste better, or why jean shorts and flat-billed hats are for tools, or why when you refer to Creedence Clearwater Revival you say "Creedence" and not "CCR."

It's kind of like reaching the level of maturity where you understand that ass is more important than tits.

It's nice to know that because of stuff like this you "get life" more than the average joe but you can't go around advertising it. It's bad for the club.


Wow! I know exactly what you mean. I had never thought of this stuff that way but what you say makes sense.

It's like my friends would ask me what I did in the gym yesterday, and I said "Squats". And they just shake their heads and say: "Who needs legs."


Hey, that wasn't very nice. I have been trying to explain my love of the Squat in th best way as possible. And for that I get ridiculed?

Oh well, I guess there will always be the mean people.


Bold letters on every "squat" eh?

I love squats so much that I do them even without a squat/power rack in my gym. I don't care how "stupid" I look to other people whenever I do zerchers from a preacher bench.

I love deadlifts more though. I'm a strength guy, not a pump guy.


I love squat, I love deadlift.

Are you just pointing to random exercises in the room and saying you love them?



I've been meaning to talk to you... You should find yourself a safehouse or a relative close by. Lay low for a while, because you're probably wanted for murder.


I love ze POWER CLEAN. Ven I do zis exercise, it feel like I am strongest MAN in gym. Ven I start ze first pull, I rip ze bar off de floor und picture ripping ze throats of my enemies. Ven I start ze second pull und begin racking ze bar, I tink of ze best racks I have seen on ze internet lately. Und vhen I complete ze lift, I stand TALL und start to sing my favorite song, Uberalis, Uberalis...

Sorry, Der Candy, don't go emo on me, just a little fun. Went back to my European roots for this post. Love your squat, keep it cool and post some big numbers.


haha, awesome. Thanks Dr.PowerClean.


Very few people I've seen at commercial gyms squat with good form, so its always eye-catching (and quite refreshing) to see someone doing deep squats with weight.


haha we should have one of these for every exercise, can't wait to see the curls one :wink:


I have a love/hate relationship with squats, I dread going to the gym on squat night but once am there under the bar I know why I can never miss a squat workout.

To the OP how much weigh are you planning to use for the 20 reps squats?


I can only squat about 132lb for 3 sets of ten (yeah go ahead and laugh).

Which is why I should probably only attempt 20-rep squats in at the very least 6 months. I just really want to do them. I plan on using as much weight as possible (lol).


Same here. I dread doing them. I used to fear them in a way. But, I like to defeat my fears, so I do them. Every week, some form of squat. Now, I'm starting to respect them more, but I still have that love/hate attitude.


I remember dreading doing squats, now I can't wait(weight) to do them. Sit on calves, explode up.

I will tell you that I love front squats too but Overhead squats are fucking tough but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I start loving those too. Just hard to love an excercise you can only do with 50 pounds on the bar haha


Der Candy, I hope you someday squat 800 pounds. And I hope you still have the same attitude you have now, which is wonderful. You can take a joke, you're not afaid to post low numbers, and you love one of the toughest lifts. We need more people on T-Nation with your attitude, because I'm getting tired of all the know-it-alls and flame war junkies.
Keep it going... Doc